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Oxford History Summer School

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Uncover the Past and Shape Your Future through the Timeless Lens of History
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Cultivate the critical skills necessary for a future in historical research, academia
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Deepen your understanding of the past
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Open to undergraduate and graduate students, history enthusiasts

Why Choose Our
Oxford History Summer School?

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Experience Oxford University Life

Participating in academic, cultural, and social events will provide you with a comprehensive picture of Oxford University life and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Expert Faculty

Prepare to be inspired by the world-class faculty at the University of Oxford. Engage with leading historians who are at the forefront of their fields.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our meticulously constructed curriculum spans historical periods ranging from ancient civilizations to present nations. Improve your critical thinking abilities and capacity to analyse primary sources, historical writings, and artefacts.

Portfolio Development

Our summer school will allow you to enhance your portfolio, putting you on the path to success in your future historical endeavours.

What Will You Learn From

History Summer School Oxford

Explore a Wide Range of Historical Periods
Delve into the depths of history, from ancient civilizations to modern societies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of different historical periods, their key events, and their impact on the world we live in today.
Engage with Renowned Historians
Learn from world-class historians who are experts in their fields. Benefit from their knowledge, insights, and passion for history as they guide you through engaging lectures, discussions, and workshops.
Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Hone your critical thinking skills by analysing primary sources, historical texts, and artifacts. Learn how to evaluate different perspectives, interpret historical evidence, and construct well-reasoned arguments.
Participate in Interactive Learning
Experience a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Engage in lively discussions, debates, and group activities that encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas with fellow history enthusiasts.
Collaboration and Teamwork
Interact with fellow history enthusiasts from around the world. Build lasting connections, exchange ideas, and expand your global network of peers who share your passion for history.
Cultivate a Lifelong Love for History
Immerse yourself in the study of history and develop a lifelong appreciation for the subject. The Oxford History Summer School will deepen your understanding of the past, broaden your historical knowledge, and inspire you to continue exploring history beyond the program.

Our students love our Oxford History Summer School

Our students love our Oxford History Summer School

On average, 98% of our History Summer School students would recommend our course to their friend - This is well above the industry average

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A holistic experience of the academic, cultural, and social aspects of university life.

Live like an Oxford StudentYou will be assigned to one of the university's colleges, where you will live and study alongside other students, creating lasting friendships and connections.
Reside like an Oxford History StudentAll students will be allocated a college based on their date and subject. You can stay with a friend/sibling if you let us know in advance. All accommodation is single sex and wi-fi is available in all rooms.
Dine like an Oxford History StudentYou will have a traditional meal known as Formal Hall - You can dress up, dine by candlelight in the wonderful surroundings of Oxford's dining hall.
engineering summer school
Personal and Academic GrowthDevelop your research skills, explore topics of personal interest, and contribute to the field of history. This experience not only enhances your academic portfolio but also equips you with valuable research skills applicable to future academic pursuits

Cultural Experience

Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Oxford, steeped in history and renowned for its stunning architecture and scholarly atmosphere. Explore the iconic colleges, visit historic landmarks, and engage in cultural excursions that bring history to life. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and vibrant ambiance of this historic city, enhancing your overall experience.

Enhance Your University Application

Participating in the Oxford History Summer School showcases your passion for history and your commitment to academic excellence. This experience strengthens your university application, particularly if you plan to pursue a history degree or related field. Admission committees recognize the value of such programs and appreciate the initiative and dedication demonstrated by participants.

What our programme includes

What you can expect from your History Summer School programme:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.


Certificates Provided
Designed by Oxford academics
Open to ages 13-15, 16-17, 18-24
International and UK students
One-to-one personalised tutoring.


13 nights accommodation
Single-sex rooms
Breakfast & dinner provided
Individual bedrooms
Watch the recorded tutorials online.


40+ hours of academic teaching
Access to support materials post-course
Post-course evaluation from tutors
Designed on Oxford syllabus
One-to-one personalised tutoring.


Trip to London
Activities e.g. Punting, Croquet
Formal Dinners
Explore Oxford

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    Anonymous reviewer.
    Arianna Offers from Oxford

    Why do you want to study history at Oxford?

    Oxford’s renowned faculty and resources would provide me with unparalleled opportunities to expand my knowledge, refine my analytical skills, and contribute to the field of history. I am eager to immerse myself in the vibrant academic environment, engage in intellectual discussions with like-minded peers, and be inspired by the world-class historians who call Oxford their academic home.

    What was your favourite part about the History summer school?

    My favorite part of the History summer school was the opportunity to engage in lively discussions with fellow participants. The diverse perspectives and intellectual curiosity of my peers created a stimulating environment where we could challenge and expand our understanding of historical events. The interactive nature of the program allowed us to explore different viewpoints, share our own insights, and learn from one another. It was truly inspiring to witness the passion and knowledge that everyone brought to the table.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge History application?

    The summer school provided opportunities to undertake independent research projects under the guidance of experienced historians. This experience honed my research skills, allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of historical methodologies and approaches. It showcased my ability to conduct rigorous research, a crucial skill for success in an Oxbridge History program.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Sara offers from Oxford

    Why do you want to study history at Oxford?

    I am eager to immerse myself in the vibrant academic environment, engage in intellectual discussions with like-minded peers, and be inspired by the world-class historians who call Oxford their academic home. Pursuing my passion for history at Oxford would not only fulfill a personal aspiration but also equip me with the tools and insights to make a meaningful impact in the world of historical research and education.

    What was your favourite part about the history summer school?

    The chance to work closely with esteemed historians and receive personalised feedback on my research project was invaluable. Their expertise and guidance elevated my understanding of the subject matter and enhanced my overall learning experience. The History summer school not only deepened my love for history but also fostered lifelong connections with like-minded individuals who share my passion for the past.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge History application?

    Participating in the summer school showcased my dedication and passion for studying history. It highlighted my proactive approach to furthering my knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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    2024 History Summer School

    • 2 Week Summer School
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    → What are the dates for the History Summer School in Oxford?
    We have various available dates through the summer holidays and are taking bookings for 2024 now. The Oxford History Summer School will commence on Monday and finish on Friday, with students being able to take advantage of 6 nights of accommodation nearby from the Sunday evening. Contact us to find out more!
    → Who is eligible to enrol in the summer school History programme?
    Students in high school who have finished their sophomore or junior year are frequently eligible for our Summer School programmes. Our History Summer programmes also welcome recent high school graduates or first-year college students.
    → How do I apply for the History Summer School?
    You can book directly through our website and pay online. Alternatively, you can speak directly to one of our advisors who will give you more information and you can book with them to secure your place!
    → Will I receive a certificate or academic credit upon completion of the programme?
    Upon completion of the History summer school program at Oxford, you will receive a certificate of participation or completion.
    → How does the History Summer School in Oxford differ from other summer programmes?
    We don't like to compare ourselves to other companies. However, we believe that our Architecture summer school offers excellent value for money and a well-rounded mix of hands-on practical experiences, opportunities for networking with professionals and History students, as well as visiting Oxford University and its surroundings.
    → Is there an opportunity to interact with current History students or professionals during the programme?
    Yes, there are opportunities to interact with current History students or professionals during the program. The Oxford History Summer School includes guest lectures, panel discussions, and networking events where participants can engage with current students or professionals in the field of history.
    How will this programme benefit my future History studies or career?
    The knowledge, skills, and connections gained from the summer school can open doors to various career paths related to history. These may include roles in academia, research institutions, museums, archives, publishing, journalism, policy-making, cultural heritage, or education.
    → Are international students eligible to apply? If so, are there any additional requirements?
    Absolutely! We can arrange airport transfers and accommodation if you are joining us from abroad. You will need to double-check with your government body as to whether you will require a visa to travel. If you are unsure or would like support in organising this, please contact our advisors and we would be happy to help!
    → What is the policy for refunds or cancellations if I can't attend after registering?
    When you register for our History summer school, you will be asked to pay a £500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. We do understand that circumstances may arise which could mean you are unable to attend your chosen date. If this is the case, please contact our advisors who will be able to advise you as to whether you are able to amend your date. Please note however, due to the high demand in places, this may not be possible.

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