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We offer Oxbridge Online Courses for a range of Oxbridge Admissions Tests. Oxbridge Mind Tutors will support you with your Oxbridge application through personalised tutoring. We offer up-to-date resources, created by our talented Oxbridge Mind team for different admissions tests. Interested in a specific admissions test? Check out the list below and pick your perfect Oxbridge Online Course!

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How hard is it to get into Oxbridge?
Both Oxford and Cambridge University are ranked among the world's leading institutions, which makes them very competitive. With an average acceptance rate of approximately 18%, it is considered difficult to secure a place.
Who is Oxbridge Mind?
Oxbridge Mind is a leading university application service, specialising in entry into Oxford and Cambridge University. We are dedicated to providing support throughout the whole application process, from choosing a college, writing a stand-out application, passing admissions tests to acing the Oxbridge interview.
Our services have ensured that 92% of our students are accepted into Oxbridge!
Our services include university consultations, 1-1 tuition, Cambridge and Oxford online courses, textbooks, interview scenarios and more!
Should I buy an Oxbridge online course?
This depends on how you revise best. Some students prefer to learn at their own pace and have the advantage of going back and revising certain sections. If this is the case, our online courses are for you! Our Cambridge and Oxford online courses are designed so that you can play, pause and rewind any time you like. Matched with our free past papers, you can use these Oxbridge courses in conjunction to track your progress.
What is included in the Oxbridge courses?
Our Oxbridge courses include video tutorials from Oxbridge experts, tips and advice on each section of the test and exam strategies to support you with time management. What's more, there's the option to combine this with our 1-1 test tuition services if you want extra assistance with a particular topic or section of the test.
How can I prepare for the Oxbridge admissions test?
Firstly, it is important to understand the test specification so you know what you should be revising. Focus on areas that you find harder and create a revision plan to make sure you cover everything before the test date. Utilise resources such as our Oxbridge courses and past papers to track your progress and refine your revision timetable.