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Our specialist PPE programme will boost your chance of getting into Oxford by 40%*
A Star,
100 hours of TSA, personal statement and interview preparation
A Star,
Practice questions, interviews and tutorials online
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Take advantage of group study options

Fundamentals of
Oxbridge Mind

This Oxbridge Mind programme is specifically designed to help you apply for PPE at Oxford and improve your chance of receiving an offer.

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Materials provided by Oxbridge Mind.

PPE Specific Course Materials

Designed by our PPE Oxbridge tutors, take advantage of our materials for TSA preparation.

One-to-one tutoring.

One-to-One PPE Tuition

Our Oxbridge PPE tutors are dedicated to providing you with high-quality PPE tutoring.

Watch recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Benefit from our highly demanded award-winning PPE materials online from any place and at any time.

Contact support team at anytime.

Expert Support Service

Access 24/7 support from our efficient Oxbridge team if you need quick help with any question or issue.

Comprehensive Application Support


Choosing Your College
To begin, you need to determine which Oxford college you wish to apply to. We'll explain the differences between colleges in terms of housing, facilities, and scholarships. We'll work together to find the best college for you and your situation.
Writing Your PPE Personal Statement
A strong personal statement is essential for any Oxford application. How do you create a powerful personal statement? Through revisions and drafts created by our experienced team, our online drafting platform will assist you in improving your personal statement. During our 1-1 tutoring, PPE Oxford Course goes over the key elements to include and makes sure you're writing in the right tone.
Preparing for the TSA
All Oxford PPE applicants will need to sit the TSA. We offer one-to-one TSA preparation tuition with experienced tutors to help demystify this exam and prevent you making common mistakes. In addition, our expert team has designed a series of self-study online resources to work through including an example question, worked solutions for ever S1 question and S2 essay plans for every question ever asked!
PPE Interview Preparation
Perhaps the most challenging part of the application process - is the Oxford PPE interview! These interviews are renowned for being difficult, and they serve as the final barrier to receiving an offer. We prepare you for interview day by going over common PPE interview questions with you, conducting mock interviews in a realistic interview setting, and challenging you to Oxford-style debates and challenges.
Group Workshops and Enrichment Seminars
Join our group sessions during the 1-1 PPE Oxford Course and connect with other like-minded PPE applicants. We'll discuss interesting political and economic theories and learn about the unique Oxford teaching style to prepare you for Oxford.
Life at Oxbridge
Our Oxford PPE graduates or current students serve as Oxbridge Mind tutors. This means they can provide you with firsthand information about their experiences studying PPE at Oxford. Our tutors are top academic performers, and they are supported by resources developed by Oxbridge Mind's education and application experts.

Our students excel on their applications

Our students excel on their applications

On average, an Oxbridge Mind student outperforms the average Oxbridge applicant with more than 1 in 2 of our students experiencing success.

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Oxbridge Mind
Average student success rate
Average Oxbridge  Applicant success rate

Experience our one-to-one tutoring

We are proud to provide you with a proven teaching framework that allows you to make the most of the time you have with our tutors after delivering thousands of hours of one-on-one tutoring.

After a successful application, each student is assigned a dedicated Oxbridge PPE tutor who specialises in your chosen field of study.


During your first lessons of 1-1 PPE Oxford Course, you'll collaborate with your Oxbridge Mind tutor to devise a strategy for approaching your application while taking your circumstances into account.


You can increase your chances of admission by using the Oxbridge Mind online resources and participating in our weekly enrichment seminars and group studies.

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What our programme includes

What you can expect from your Oxbridge Mind 1-1 PPE Course Oxford:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.

Tailored Course Materials

Subject specific to PPE
Developed by Oxford academics and students
Flexible syllabus personalised to you
Up-to-date and user friendly
One-to-one personalised tutoring.

One-to-One Tuition

Experienced Oxford PPE tutors
All materials provided for TSA and interview
Fully online
Flexible scheduling
Full mocks and practice questions
Watch the recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

50+ mini-lectures for TSA preparation
Full TSA worked solutions and essay plans
Ideal self-study resource
Contact support team online.

Expert Support Service

Knowledgeable Oxbridge application team
Dedicated admin team
Around-the-clock service
Help with questions or issues

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    Guaranteed successful tutoring.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with your Oxbridge Mind experience by the end of the trial period, simply notify us and we will issue a full refund.

    Qualities of an Oxbridge Mind student

    Think you have what it takes to study at Oxford? Get there with Oxbridge Mind!

    Exceptional Academic Record

    Including any necessary entrance exams such as the TSA - you'll need top scores!

    Communication Skills

    It's no use to have brilliant ideas if you can't articulate them effectively.


    Learn how to genuinely express your enthusiasm for a PPE interview.

    Oxbridge Mind logo

    Commitment to Learning

    Prepare yourself for the work at Oxford- show off how committed you are!

    Lateral thinking

    Learn to think 'outside of the box' to succeed in Oxford PPE studies.


    No one said Oxbridge will be easy - can you pick yourself up when it gets tough?

    Hear from our Oxbridge Mind Alumni

    We support each and every student that is accepted onto an Oxbridge Mind programme, and our successes speak for themselves! Do you have what it takes to join them? Apply today for Oxbridge Mind!
    Anonymous reviewer.
    Sam Offers from Oxford, Durham, Warwick, UCL and Lancaster

    A bit about you

    I’ve always been politically minded and the PPE course at Oxford specifically appealed to me it allowed me a chance to study philosophical and economic theory in the view of becoming a more well-rounded politician one day. I’m so glad I made the plunge to apply for Oxford as I’m having the time of my life and am enjoying the course – even if it is really hard work!

    How did you find the programme?

    I found the company on Google.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    Having a tutor who was an Oxford student. They had all the insight needed to really help me out with my application. I found some information online that seemed old or out-of-date so having someone who had recently been in my position was helpful. I liked the resources used too, they were well designed and very helpful.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Lydia Offers from Oxford, Bristol, Durham, Warwick and Bath

    A bit about you

    When it came to applying for uni I was quite indecisive. I’ve always enjoyed learning and couldn’t make my mind up about what I wanted to study! I’ve always wanted to understand how the world works and PPE (specifically at Oxford) seemed like a good way to do that as you approach problems from political and philosophical angles. I always wanted to apply to Oxford but don’t know anyone else who’s been through the process so I was quite nervous about making sure I was doing everything possible to give myself the best chance.

    How did you find the programme?

    My friend found the company as he was also applying. It sounded like it was really helpful for him so I also decided to sign up. Funnily enough we both got offers!

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    It was amazing! The tutor I was paired with helped me with every single step of the application and I couldn’t fault him. I was probably a bit of an annoying student as I had a million different questions – but he answered every single one and filled me with a lot of confidence to take forward to the interview.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Rhia Offers from Oxford, Exeter, KCL, Nottingham and Manchester

    A bit about you

    Both of my parents went to Cambridge so naturally I knew I HAD to go to… Oxford. My school was really helpful and had a scheme to support students applying to Oxbridge but I was the only one applying for PPE. I wanted more PPE-specific advice and help which is why I reached out to Oxbridge Mind.

    How did you find the programme?

    I searched on Google for TSA online courses and this seemed like the best.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    The most helpful thing for me was the resources for TSA preparation. My tutor helped me realise that the essay section was my weakest point, so I went through and wrote essays for every single past paper question available. Oxbridge Mind had sample essay plans for each question available and comparing my answer to that helped me realise exactly where I was going wrong.

    Book a free consultation with our specialists

    Have some questions about the programme? Get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    Why is it important to get Oxford PPE application help?
    Applying to competitive Oxford University PPE programmes can be difficult, especially when deadlines are short and balancing academics with preparation for PPE TSA admissions is tricky. Getting assistance with your application guarantees that you complete it correctly the first time, allowing you to focus on other essential matters (such as your exams!).
    What is unique about our Oxbridge Mind Oxford PPE Tutoring?
    There are several Oxford PPE preparation courses to select from, and determining which one is best for you can be difficult. As part of our Oxford PPE preparation, our Oxbridge Mind PPE team delivers up-to-date PPE TSA and interview materials.
    Who are the Oxbridge Mind PPE tutors?
    Our Oxford PPE tutors are all Oxford undergraduates who aced the TSA entrance exam and the Oxford PPE interview. We do thorough background checks on our PPE tutors to guarantee that they are qualified, responsible, and kind. All tutors are DBS verified, and all lessons are recorded to provide a safe and friendly learning environment. Throughout the process, your PPE tutor will build a bond with you, functioning as a teacher, motivator, and friend!
    What materials do Oxford PPE Tutors use?
    All of our PPE TSA and interview materials are provided by all of our Oxbridge PPE Tutors to their students. Based on years of study and examiner experience, we've created a course, particularly for you. The Oxford PPE previous papers will be thoroughly reviewed by all of our PPE tutors. Tutoring for Oxbridge PPE might be hit or miss, but we make sure that our tutoring for Oxford PPE is specifically customised to your needs.
    Do I get to choose from your Oxford PPE tutors?
    Because you'll be working with your PPE tutor throughout the course of the PPE programme, we want to make sure you and your PPE tutor are on the same page. If you have any gender, age, or other preferences, such as an Oxford undergraduate or postgraduate PPE tutor, please let our Oxbridge team know and we will do our best to accommodate you! Get in touch with our Oxbridge team today to learn more!
    Is the Oxford PPE Tuition online or face-to-face?
    All of our 1-1 PPE course Oxford is fully online because we understand how demanding your schedule is. We've prepared some amazing presentations and will share our screen with you during the session to make learning more engaging and productive. With our flexible online PPE tuition, we can work around your schedule and teach you from the comfort of your own home at a time that is most convenient for you. Lessons are recorded, so if you forget something, you may go back and revisit them.
    How many hours of Oxford PPE preparation do I actually need?
    The number of hours you spend on Oxford PPE Tutoring is entirely up to you, although we recommend spending between 20 and 40 hours with our tutors at 1-1 PPE Course Oxford. You are not, however, obligated to do so! Regardless of how much PPE preparation you wish to complete, our PPE Tutors will make sure you're ready for the Oxford PPE TSA preparation, personal statement, and interview.
    Do you offer free consultation for 1-1 PPE Course Oxford?
    Absolutely! Learn more about our Oxford PPE programme and schedule a FREE consultation today. Want more information? Contact our team today!
    Do I have to pay for all the 1-1 Oxford PPE Tutoring upfront?
    Definitely not! We're flexible and ready to help! To help you manage the costs of studying for the Oxford PPE curriculum and to enjoy benefits from our 1-1 PPE Oxford Course, we offer a range of payment options; please contact our Oxbridge team for more information!
    I’m an international student and live outside of UK, is that an issue?
    No! Applicants from all over the world are encouraged to apply to our Oxford PPE program. We are committed to helping overseas students achieve admission to prestigious universities such as Oxford. The list of services we provide around the world is as follows: PPE Tutors in London, PPE Tutors in Australia, PPE Tutors in Singapore, PPE Tutors in India, PPE Tutors in New Zealand, PPE Tutors in Canada, PPE Tutors in the US, PPE Tutors in Dubai, PPE Tutors in Hong Kong, PPE Tutors in Melbourne, and more!
    How does enrolment and payment work?
    You will meet with one of our Oxbridge specialists to discuss your application and assess your suitability when you apply for a programme. If you are accepted into our 1-1 PPE programme, you can pay either in full or in 12 monthly installments. We offer a variety of payment options that can be explored with a member of our team.
    Which package do you recommend I choose?
    The platinum package is our most popular, and it leads to the most improvement in your interview performance and overall application results. With over 70 hours of one-on-one tutoring and plenty of 1-1 PPE Course Oxford resources, you'll get the greatest possible help to increase your chances of success. Our other packages are also highly effective, but we have less time to dig in-depth into topics or areas of weakness than we do with the Platinum Package because we have fewer hours of tuition.
    What happens if I have any issues, concerns or questions?
    With your PPE tutors and the Oxbridge Mind support team, you'll have your own WhatsApp group. You are free to ask questions there at any time regarding the 1-1 PPE Oxford course, for example, to plan lessons or for revision guidance or TSA preparations. Our support team is always available, and we are pleased to speak with you over the phone if you prefer.
    What is your success rate?
    We've taught over 50,000 students and provided over 200,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring through Oxbridge Mind and Study Mind. We have a long history of achievement and student happiness, which has earned us the title of TrustPilot's Top 5 Tutors in the UK. Our success rate at Oxbridge is more than double the national average in the United Kingdom.
    How long does the Oxbridge PPE programme last?
    You can use your one-on-one tutoring hours for any topic throughout the course of three years, including your PPE application and A-levels (all subjects). The majority of students will begin our programme between March and August 2022 for 2023 entrance, however, we have many students who begin earlier or later! We can adapt the programme's framework to meet your needs. Early on, we'll personalise plan and timeframe for you.
    Do you provide Personal Statement and Interview support too?
    Yes of course! The PPE programme covers all aspects of your application, and we have structured lesson plans for the PPE interview, personal statement and more. You can use your 1-1 hours flexibly across the application as you wish.

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