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LNAT Free Past Papers, Worked Solutions and Answers

Free LNAT Questions & Mark Schemes for all LNAT Past Papers

Welcome to our LNAT past paper page, designed to support Oxbridge Law applicants! Below you will find LNAT questions and answers for all LNAT past papers.

We recommend using these questions and LNAT past papers to self-assess your own abilities. You can revisit these in a few weeks to gain an understanding of how you're progressing with your LNAT prep. Alongside these LNAT questions, you can maximise your chance of gaining an Oxbridge Law offer with our other preparation resources such as LNAT preparation books or our specialist LNAT 1-1 programmes.

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LNAT Practice Paper (Full Mocks)

233 | LNAT Practice Paper | Full Mock

Question Paper Mark Scheme

42 | LNAT Practice Paper | Ethics and Education (Test 1)

Question Paper Mark Scheme

40 | LNAT Practice Paper | Politics

Question Paper Mark Scheme

42 | LNAT Practice Paper | Science (Test 1)

Question Paper Mark Scheme

42 | LNAT Practice Paper | Science (Test 2)

Question Paper Mark Scheme

LNAT Practice Papers (Mini Tests)

14 | LNAT Practice Paper | Ethics and Education (Test 2)

Question Paper Mark Scheme

16 | LNAT Practice Paper | Science (Test 3)

Question Paper Mark Scheme

25 | LNAT Practice Paper | Philosophy

Question Paper Mark Scheme

31 | LNAT Practice Paper | Media

Question Paper Mark Scheme

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    Our LNAT tutors have meticulously crafted the syllabus to pave the way for your coveted offer. With their personal experience in the university application process, they are uniquely positioned to support applicants. Our Oxbridge LNAT tutors will equip you with top-notch LNAT preparation techniques to enhance your speed and performance in tackling LNAT questions.
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    All our LNAT resources are accessible online, allowing you to engage in Law preparations at your convenience. Expert Oxbridge LNAT tutors have tailored these materials for your LNAT exam triumph. These LNAT tutorials guide you through the entire process, offering advice on achieving success and securing the highest possible LNAT score.
    LNAT Worked Solutions
    As part of your LNAT tuition, you will navigate through LNAT past papers while we provide solutions to official LNAT exam papers, bolstering your LNAT exam readiness. Collaborating with an LNAT tutor, we are confident it will propel your LNAT exam success, setting you apart and ensuring a guaranteed offer.
    LNAT Practice Questions
    Access an online repository of contemporary LNAT practice questions, available for self-paced engagement in your LNAT exam preparations. Progress through our LNAT practice questions to refine your exam speed and efficiency.
    LNAT Homework
    To instill consistent LNAT test preparations and bolster your LNAT readiness, allocate extra practice time between sessions to complete assigned homework. This additional practice aids in identifying weak points and generates insightful questions for upcoming sessions.
    LNAT Support + Feedback
    Our Oxbridge LNAT tutors offer comprehensive feedback and invaluable LNAT exam preparation guidance. Regular progress reports, LNAT revision pointers, and homework plans ensure well-informed preparation. We stand by your side, guiding you every step of the way to secure that coveted offer!

    Upon a successful application, every student is matched with an Oxbridge LNAT Tutor who boasts expertise in their chosen field of study.


    In the initial sessions, your dedicated Oxbridge LNAT tutor will collaborate with you to forge a customised approach tailored for your LNAT exam triumph.


    Secure your spot at Oxbridge by tapping into our comprehensive LNAT online resources and actively engaging in enriching seminars during your programme. Enroll in our full-day Group Workshops, where you'll gain invaluable insights to enhance your application completion!

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    Great mock LNAT papers. I really liked the fact that they were categorised so that I could practise the questions I was less confident in.
    I used the LNAT practise questions and the mock LNAT papers to practise before the exam. I found them really useful.
    I loved the scope of these LNAT questions. I used them to measure my progress in my LNAT prep and came back to them several times to see how my score had improved. Get resource!
    Thank you for these free LNAT questions! I was really worried about the LNAT exam and these questions and mocks really helped me to practise and then revise the sections where I didn't score very well.