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NSAA Free Past Papers, Worked Solutions and Answers

Free NSAA Questions & Mark Schemes for all NSAA Past Papers

Welcome to the most popular NSAA past papers resource for Oxbridge applicants! Below you will find NSAA question and NSAA answer documents for all NSAA past papers.

We recommend using this NSAA question bank to structure your NSAA revision. Alongside practicing NSAA questions, you can maximise your chance of gaining a Natural Sciences Oxbridge Offer with our specialist NSAA 1-1 programmes.

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NSAA Section 1 Past Papers

1 | NSAA S1 Past Paper 2020

Question Paper Mark Scheme

2 | NSAA S1 Past Paper 2019

Question Paper Mark Scheme

3 | NSAA S1 Past Paper 2018

Question Paper Mark Scheme

4 | NSAA S1 Past Paper 2017

Question Paper Mark Scheme

5 | NSAA S1 Past Paper 2016

Question Paper Mark Scheme

NSAA Section 2 Past Papers

1 | NSAA S2 Past Paper 2020

Question Paper Mark Scheme

2 | NSAA S2 Past Paper 2019

Question Paper Mark Scheme

3 | NSAA S2 Past Paper 2018

Question Paper Mark Scheme

4 | NSAA S2 Past Paper 2017

Question Paper Mark Scheme

5 | NSAA S2 Past Paper 2016

Question Paper Mark Scheme

NSAA Specimen Questions and Answers

1 | NSAA Specimen 2020 S1

Question Paper Mark Scheme

2 | NSAA Specimen 2020 S2

Question Paper Mark Scheme

3 | NSAA Specimen 2016 S1

Question Paper Mark Scheme

4 | NSAA Specimen 2016 S2

Question Paper Mark Scheme

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