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Looking for expert GAT Tuition? Excel in the GAT with our GAT Tutoring Programme and boost your chances by 40%*
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Fundamentals of
GAT Tutoring

We have created our GAT Preparation programme to meet the specific challenges of applying to Oxford.

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Materials provided by Oxbridge Mind.

GAT Specific Course Materials

Access our acclaimed GAT resources 24/7 to boost your performance and excel in the exam.

One-to-one tutoring.

One-to-One GAT Tuition

Our Oxford GAT tutors create personalised study plans to boost your GAT scores.

Watch recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Experience the convenience of accessing our in-demand GAT materials right from your own home.

Contact support team at anytime.

Expert Support Service

Gain round-the-clock online support from our dedicated Oxbridge team.

Comprehensive Application Support


1-1 GAT Tuition
For optimal GAT exam success, nothing beats a personalised approach. Our handpicked Oxbridge GAT tutors, hailing from esteemed institutions like Oxford, are experts in Geography. Regardless of your level, they offer top-notch GAT tuition and guide you through the most effective GAT preparation strategies to enhance both your speed and accuracy.
GAT Video Tutorials
Interested in delving deeper into the GAT exam format? Our specially crafted Oxford GAT course, developed by our Oxbridge GAT tutors, aims to enhance your GAT preparation and maximise your chances of success. With comprehensive guidance and valuable tips, you'll navigate the entire process and receive expert advice on achieving the highest possible GAT score.
GAT Worked Solutions
Upon completing the GAT practice papers and engaging in your GAT preparations, we will furnish you with solutions for every section of the GAT. By studying under the guidance of an Oxford GAT tutor during our GAT tuition, we assure you that passing the exam, attaining a standout score, and securing admission to Oxford University are well within your reach.
GAT Preparation
Our comprehensive GAT preparation program covers all aspects of the exam, including Part A, Part B, and Part C. We are committed to assisting you in effectively preparing for each section to maximise your chances of success.
GAT Practice Questions
Take advantage of our up-to-date collection of GAT practice questions, accessible at your convenience, to prepare for the exam and get an offer for Oxford Geography course. By completing all of these practice questions, you can enhance your exam confidence, improve your speed by over 37%, and achieve better overall performance.
GAT Homework
Are you in need of additional practice and finding it difficult to locate ample GAT resources online? Don't worry, we're here to help! Utilize the extra time between classes to focus on assigned homework and guarantee thorough preparation for the GAT exam. Our supplementary assignments are designed to ensure you're fully equipped for success in the GAT.
GAT Support + Feedback
Do you need more practice? Utilise the additional practice time available between GAT tuition sessions to diligently work on assigned homework provided by our exceptional GAT tutors. Engaging in supplementary tasks will not only aid in identifying your weak areas but also allow you to formulate specific questions to address in the next session, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the GAT exam.

Our students excel on their applications

Our students excel on their applications

On average, an Oxbridge Mind student outperforms the average Oxbridge applicant, with more than 1 in 2 of our students experiencing success.

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Oxbridge Mind
Average student success rate
Average Oxbridge  Applicant success rate

Try our GAT 1-1 tutoring

Through thousands of hours of personalised one-on-one tutoring, we have perfected a proven teaching system that maximises the benefits of our GAT exam tuition, enabling you to achieve optimal results.

Upon the successful submission of your application, we carefully match each student with their ideal Oxford GAT tutor, who possesses expertise in the student's specific field of study.


During your initial classes, your Oxbridge GAT tutor will collaborate with you to create a customised study plan tailored to help you succeed in the GAT exam.


To secure your admission to Oxford University, make use of our online GAT exam study resources and participate in our enriching workshops. By attending our comprehensive full-day group workshops, you will receive the latest guidance on completing your application successfully and gain valuable insights.

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What our programme includes

What you can expect from your GAT programme:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.

Tailored Course Materials

GAT exam preparation
Designed by our Oxbridge academics team
Flexible syllabus to fit your schedule
Up to date and user friendly
One-to-one personalised tutoring.

One-to-One Tuition

Experienced Oxbridge GAT tutors
Adjustable scheduling
Fully online
Access all GAT resources online
GAT mock preparations
Watch the recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Self contained mini-lectures
Led by Oxbridge Mind GAT academic experts
Ideal self-study and GAT preparation
Contact support team online.

Expert Support Service

Devoted Oxbridge application team
Dedicated admin team
24/7 access to support
Help with any questions or issues

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    Our satisfaction guarantee

    Oxbridge Mind is the most accessible and informative tool for Oxbridge applications. We are confident that once you experience it firsthand, you will agree. As a testament to our confidence, upon acceptance into our GAT tuition, you will have the chance to try out Oxbridge Mind without any risk.
    Guaranteed successful tutoring.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are dissatisfied with your Oxbridge Mind experience, simply notify us before the trial session ends, and we will refund your money.

    Qualities of an Oxbridge Mind student

    Do you have what it takes to study at Oxford? Then get there with Oxbridge Mind!

    Exceptional Academic Record

    Achieving a strong GAT score is essential, and we are here to assist you in attaining that goal.

    Exam Technique

    Improve your GAT technique so that it can help you in your future academic endeavours.


    Learn how to impress your interviewers during your Oxford interview by demonstrating an interest in Geography.

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    Commitment to Learning

    Secure one of the highest GAT scores and demonstrate your genuine desire to study at Oxford.

    Critical Skills

    Improve your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities—they'll come in handy at Oxford.


    Prepare for Oxford; it will be difficult, but it will demonstrate your determination to succeed.

    Hear from our Oxbridge Mind Alumni

    Through the Oxbridge Mind programme, we have witnessed the remarkable potential of every participating student, and we wholeheartedly believe in their abilities. Our success statistics validate this claim! If you aspire to join, don't hesitate—apply now for Oxbridge Mind and embark on a transformative academic journey.
    Anonymous reviewer.
    Survinder Offers from Oxford

    A bit about you

    I wanted to apply to study at Oxford but wasn’t sure if I’d do good on an admissions test, I didn’t want to do the application by myself.

    How did you find the programme?

    My sister found the admissions test tutoring and suggested I give it a go. I had been struggling to get high enough scores at that point, so thought a tutor could be helpful.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    The tuition was excellent, and having the same materials across both my tutors was really helpful.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Dorine Offers from Oxford

    A bit about you

    I knew I wanted to study at Oxford from when I was very young, and when I got top GCSE scores, I started to think seriously about applying to Oxford.

    How did you find the programme?

    It was just fantastic. The tutors were excellent, and all the resources for admissions test were incredibly useful. I really appreciated my tutor helping me to weave my life experience into the Interview answers and finding ways to link that to Oxford .

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    I think it really did. It made me much more confident about applying and that I was a good candidate for Oxford.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Joesph Offers from Oxford

    A bit about you

    I knew I wanted to go to Oxford, but as an international student, I didn’t want to risk doing the application myself, and although my school offered some help, none of my teachers had been to Oxford themselves so I wasn’t confident they would be able to advise me well.

    How did you find the programme?

    A friend of mine used their other company, Medic Mind, a few years ago to help with his Medicine interview and then started working for them as a tutor. He was the one that recommended Oxbridge Mind to me and I started right away.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    Definitely. Being in Singapore meant that I needed lessons to be flexible in my time zone, and the tutors were able to do that for me. I used a lot of the online resources as homework and self study materials, especially before my admissions test .

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Sita Offers from Oxford

    A bit about you

    I attended an outreach programme at Oxbridge when I was in Year 9, and decided then that I wanted to study there. I settled on  Oxford when I was in Year 11. I only found out about the admissions test at the last second and was scared I wouldn’t be able to pass it.

    How did you find the programme?

    I was getting good enough admissions test scores in my practice, but I was nervous about the Interviews and not very confident in writing a good enough Personal Statement. I was able to address these concerns using the Oxbridge Mind programme.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    It just helped me to better understand how to answer admissions test and what they look for in the answer. Really helped me out and I was able to get a very high score!

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    Have any questions about the programme? Contact one of our knowledgeable advisors today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    What is the GAT Admissions Test?
    For prospective undergraduate Oxford Geography students, the Geography Admissions Test (GAT) is a mandatory component of the application process. The GAT is thoughtfully designed to provide an equal challenge to all candidates, irrespective of their academic background or the specific examinations they have undertaken in school. Now, let's delve into the format of the GAT.
    What is the GAT format?
    The GAT is thoughtfully designed to present an equal level of challenge to all candidates, regardless of their academic background or the specific school examinations they have undertaken. This comprehensive exam evaluates critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and essay writing abilities in response to unseen material. The GAT is conducted online, with candidates submitting their answers through an online platform. It spans a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes and consists of three sections: Part A, Part B, and Part C.
    Who are the Oxbridge Mind GAT Tutors?
    In our GAT preparation course, we have exclusively recruited exceptional Oxford GAT tutors who have attained top 10% scores in their GAT exams and are either current or recently graduated Oxford Geography students. These highly qualified and experienced tutors possess in-depth knowledge of the GAT Oxford application process. They are dedicated to helping you achieve a high score on the GAT admissions exam by providing comprehensive materials and continuous support throughout the GAT programme, ensuring your preparations are successful.
    How long is GAT admissions test?
    The GAT exam is administered online, requiring candidates to input their answers into an online platform. It has a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes and consists of three sections: Part A, Part B, and Part C. - Part A of the GAT examines critical thinking skills and is designed to be completed within 30 minutes. It consists of two sub-sections, where candidates read passages and respond to multiple-choice questions. -Part B assesses problem-solving abilities and should be completed within 30 minutes. It comprises two sub-sections, requiring candidates to analyse information and answer multiple-choice questions. -Part C involves reading a text passage and responding to an essay question. This section should be allocated 45 minutes for completion.
    How do we prepare you for the GAT admissions test?
    We firmly believe that adopting a personalised approach is one of the most effective methods to prepare students for the GAT exam. Through our GAT preparation course, we offer innovative concepts and solutions tailored to your needs. Additionally, our experienced GAT tutors will provide you with invaluable guidance to enhance your GAT preparation and increase your chances of gaining admission to Oxford University.
    How many hours of GAT Exam preparation do I actually need?
    While there is no set requirement, we recommend dedicating 20 to 40 hours to our GAT preparation course. However, the choice is entirely yours! Our GAT exam tutors will ensure that you are well-prepared for the GAT admissions test, regardless of the amount of GAT prep you choose to undertake.
    Do I get to pick my GAT Exam Tutor?
    Certainly! We are committed to accommodating your preferences, whether you desire a male or female GAT Exam Tutor, or an undergraduate or graduate GAT Exam Tutor. Just send us an email specifying your preferred GAT exam tutor, and we will provide you with access to the profiles of all our GAT Exam tutors. This way, you can choose the one you wish to work with, and they will assist you in your GAT preparation.
    Do you offer a free GAT Tuition consultation?
    Absolutely! We offer complimentary consultations for the GAT admissions exam, allowing you to familiarise yourself with our Oxbridge Mind platform and GAT Tutors without any financial commitment. This is our way of instilling confidence in our services and ensuring your trust in our platform.
    How does our GAT Oxbridge course compare with other companies?
    When faced with numerous choices for GAT preparation courses, finding the most suitable one can be daunting. At Oxbridge Mind, we stand out by utilizing cutting-edge GAT preparation tools and resources, curated by our experienced and highly knowledgeable Oxford GAT staff. Additionally, we offer unparalleled online GAT tutoring, ensuring that you receive the best guidance and support throughout your GAT preparation journey.
    Do I have to pay for all the 1-1 GAT Oxbridge Course up front?
    There is no obligation on your part! We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating. You are not required to make an immediate payment for GAT tuition, and we provide a range of options to suit your needs. For further details, please reach out to the Oxbridge Mind team, and they will be happy to assist you.
    I'm an international student who is outside of UK, is this an issue?
    No worries at all! The complete GAT Oxford preparation course is accessible online, and in fact, the majority of our GAT students come from countries outside the United Kingdom. Our GAT tutoring programme is open to students from all around the globe, as we are committed to assisting international students in their pursuit of admission to Oxford.