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Imperial Engineering Interview Tutoring

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Are you looking for professional Imperial Engineering Interview Tuition? With our Oxbridge Engineering Interview Tutoring Programme, you can improve your chances by 40%!
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Personalised 1-1 Premium Imperial Engineering Interview Tuition
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Imperial Engineering Interview Tutorials and Practice Questions Online
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Fundamentals of
Imperial Engineering Interview Tutoring

We have created our Imperial Engineering Interview Preparation programme to meet the specific challenges of applying to Imperial University.

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Materials provided by Oxbridge Mind.

Imperial Engineering Interview Specific Course Materials

Utilise all of our online tools and resources for the Imperial interview - vital for success!

One-to-one tutoring.

One-to-One Imperial Engineering Interview Tuition

Follow the personalised advice from our Imperial tutors as you prepare for your interview.

Watch recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Use our demanded online tutorials to get ready for the Imperial Engineering Interview.

Contact support team at anytime.

Expert Support Service

Our committed Imperial team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues and problems.

Comprehensive Application Support

Imperial Interview

1-1 Imperial Engineering Interview Tuition
Why is tutoring essential? For someone to become skilled at interviews, they must use a specific interviewing approach. Our team at Oxbridge Mind carefully chose tutors with interviewing experience for the Imperial Engineering Interview. Your qualified tutor will help you conduct background checks on your interviewers and collaborate with you to create an interview preparation plan that is specific to your field, university, and personal circumstances.
Imperial Engineering Interview Video Tutorials
Are you interested in learning more about the famous Imperial Engineering Interview techniques? Our tutors have developed a 1-on-1 programme specifically for you to ensure your success in the Imperial Engineering Interview. You will receive in-depth explanations of every step in the procedure as well as professional advice on how to ace the interview using our award-winning online tutorials.
Imperial Engineering Interview Mocks
The best way to get ready for the Imperial Engineering Interview is to undertake a practice interview and get detailed feedback from our tutors. Your tutor will go over more abstract interview questions during the mock interview. You will expand on the crucial information you require for the Imperial Engineering Interview with the assistance of your tutor.
Imperial Engineering Interview Practice Questions
Utilise our Imperial Engineering Interview example questions to prepare for your interview. Answering our practice questions can help you perform better and feel more confident in the Interview. The interviewees may ask your thoughts on current Engineering hot topics and more general Engineering issues. You can understand the core ideas of engineering and adequately respond to interview questions with the help of our specialists.
Imperial Engineering Interview Speech and Delivery
Do you want to be able to communicate effectively during your interview? Improve the quality of your speech and delivery with the help of our tutors! During interviews with the university's admissions committee, your analytical and critical thinking skills will be tested. How exactly do they assess it? You will discuss engineering recommended by Imperial University with your tutor as you plan and complete research activities. By using the top interview techniques for engineering provided by Oxbridge Mind, you will come across as more concise and perform better in interviews.
Why Engineering?
Answering that question is difficult! Instead of trying to surprise the interviewer, show that you are passionate about, knowledgeable about, and interested in engineering. How would you demonstrate that? A tutor from Oxbridge Mind will analyse your personal statement and collaborate with you to develop the best rationale for choosing to study engineering as well as how to articulate your analytical reasoning verbally. Your tutor will also help you make links between your past experiences and your interest in engineering and Imperial University. You can utilise examples from extracurricular activities, academic endeavours, social hobbies, and more to highlight these connections and impress the admissions committee with your response.
Imperial Engineering Interview Support + Feedback
You will receive in-depth tutoring and advice on how to prepare for the interview from our experts. To ensure your success in the Imperial Engineering Interview, task schedules, frequent progress reports, and revision advice will be sent to you regularly. To ensure that you receive the Imperial offer of your dreams, we will be by your side at every turn.

Our students excel on their applications

Our students excel on their applications

On average, an Oxbridge Mind student outperforms the average Imperial applicant, with more than 1 in 2 of our students experiencing success.

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Oxbridge Mind
Average student success rate
Average Imperial Applicant success rate




Try our Imperial Engineering Interview tutoring

We have developed a tried-and-true teaching method that we have refined through hundreds of hours of private tuition to make sure you get the most out of our preparation for the Imperial Engineering Interview.

Following a successful application, the student is paired with a tutor from Imperial Engineering Interview who is knowledgeable about their field of study.


Your Imperial Engineering Interview tutor will help you develop a unique study schedule for the interview during your first lesson.


Use our online tools to prepare for the Imperial Engineering Interview and take part in many enrichment seminars during your semester to improve your chances of getting into Imperial. You can learn the most effective interviewing techniques by enrolling in one of our full-day group courses!

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What our programme includes

What you can expect from your Imperial Engineering Interview programme:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.

Tailored Course Materials

Imperial Interview preparation
Designed by our academics team
Flexible syllabus to fit your schedule
Up to date and user friendly
One-to-one personalised tutoring.

One-to-One Tuition

Experienced Imperial Interview tutors
Adjustable scheduling
Fully online
Access all Interview resources online
Imperial Engineering interview mock and practice Interview questions
Watch the recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Self contained mini-lectures
Led by Oxbridge Mind Interview academic experts
Ideal self-study and Interview resources
Contact support team online.

Expert Support Service

Devoted application team
Dedicated admin team
24/7 access to support
Help with any questions or issues

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    Oxbridge Mind is the most user-friendly and simple application tool available. We're certain you'll agree once you give it a try! Once you've been accepted into our Imperial Engineering Interview programme, you may test it out risk-free.
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    If you're not satisfied with Oxbridge Mind after the trial lesson, just let us know and we'll issue a full refund.

    Qualities of an Oxbridge Mind student

    Do you have what it takes to study at Oxbridge? Then get there with Oxbridge Mind!

    Exceptional Academic Record

    Candidates for Imperial must display their academic ability and subject-matter knowledge during the interview process.

    Communication Skills

    For a successful interview and an offer from Imperial Engineering, work on your communication abilities.

    Express your Passion

    Before your Imperial interview, practise expressing your passion for engineering subject professionally.

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    Commitment to Learning

    Your aptitude for learning will be demonstrated if you are among the top candidates for interviews at Imperial.

    Analytical Thinking

    Develop your analytical skills if you want to succeed in the interview and receive an offer from Imperial Engineering.


    Prepare for Imperial and show the admissions committee your resilience - it won't be simple!

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    Have some questions about the programme? Get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    How long do Imperial take to give offers after interview?
    The majority of offers will be made after mid-January (after the UCAS deadline), and many people will not hear until all interviews have been completed (mid-March). By the end of March, you should know one way or the other.
    Does Imperial interview for engineering?
    They'll want to know about your engineering interests. If you are chosen for an interview, they will give you at least two weeks' notice. It could be a long time before you hear anything from them.
    How hard is it to get into Imperial for engineering?
    Imperial College London is regarded as one of the most competitive universities in the United Kingdom. The Imperial acceptance rate in 2021 was around 11.5%, and you will need top A level grades (or equivalent) and exceptional academic performance to be considered. Performing well at the Interview is the best way to get selected too. We are here to maximise your chance in this fundamental step.
    What percentage of Imperial applicants get interviews?
    The applicant-to-interview ratio is 1:9, and the applicant-to-place ratio is 1:7.
    How do Imperial Interviews work?
    The chosen applicants will participate in an online interview. How precisely is the interview conducted? Your enthusiasm for Imperial, your interest in engineering, and your capacity for "outside the box" thinking are of interest to the admissions committee.
    Who are the Oxbridge Mind Interview Tutors?
    Only the best tutors are selected for our Imperial Engineering Interview programme, and they have all consistently outperformed the competition. They are ready to give you tools and support throughout the Interview programme so you can ace your interview. They all have a lot of expertise in the Imperial application and interview processes.
    When should I start my Imperial Engineering Interview Tuition?
    Only 10–14 days notice is given for interviews at universities, and preparation takes time. For this reason, we advise beginning your preparations for the Imperial interview as soon as possible. While some applicants arrive the week before the interview, others enrol in our programme one month beforehand. Depending on your interview and your preferences, we'll modify our pace for you.
    What will they ask me at the Imperial Engineering Interview?
    Throughout the interview, the Imperial admissions committee is curious to see how committed you are to Engineering. There is no clear right or wrong answer. If you convincingly supported your claim, even though you rechecked the answers at home and find that you were mistaken, you can still be approved. It is always crucial to explain your reasoning and articulate your ideas verbally. Our Imperial Engineering Interview tutors will teach you the skills you require to ace the interview and land the offer of your dreams.
    How many hours of Interview preparation do I actually need?
    There is no required plan to follow. In our programme, participants can sign up for schedules that last 10, 15, or even 5 hours. We suggest students dedicate at least 20 hours to their preparation for the Imperial Engineering interview questions by doing interview questions. Approximately 90% of our pupils engage in this. Contact us right now to learn more about what will suit you the most!
    Do I get to pick my Interview Tutor?
    Absolutely! Whether you prefer an Interview Tutor who is male or female, has post-graduate or undergraduate experience, or comes from a certain college, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You can let us know which Imperial Engineering Interview Tutor you chose by emailing us. You can choose your tutor by looking through their profiles on the website. They will help you prepare for your interview for engineering at Imperial.
    What is Oxbridge Mind's success rate?
    Oxbridge Mind tutoring has been demonstrated to improve interview performance by up to 30%, though individual student responses may vary (based on performance in mock examinations). You will join the group of students who have received offers from Imperial while enrolled with us when you enrol in our Imperial Engineering Interview course.
    How does Oxbridge Mind prepare me for the Interview?
    After years of experience in the field, our Oxbridge Mind team has gathered the best interviewing techniques. We developed all of the practice interview questions, resources, and tools in collaboration with Imperial tutors who offer you in-depth feedback. With the assistance of our tutors, you will develop expert speaking abilities in engineering for the Interview so that you will impress the admissions committee.
    Do I have to pay for all the 1-1 Oxbridge Mind Course up front?
    It is not required! We are adaptable and considerate. There are options, so you are not obligated to sign up immediately. If you have any questions or would like to talk about alternative payment options, get in touch with the Oxbridge Mind team right away.
    I'm an international student who is outside of UK, is this an issue?
    No! The whole programme for the Imperial Engineering Interview is delivered online. Most of the candidates for our Interviews are from outside the UK. You can sign up from anywhere in the world for our 1-on-1 online course for the Imperial Engineering Interview. We are committed to assisting foreign students who are applying to Imperial University.