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Geography Course Prep Services

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Our specialist Geography programme will boost your chance of getting into Oxbridge by 40%*
A Star,
100 hours of GAT, personal statement and interview preparation
A Star,
Practice questions and tutorials online
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Practical group study options

Fundamentals of
Oxbridge Mind

This Oxbridge Mind programme is specifically designed to help you apply for Geography at Oxbridge and improve your chance of receiving an offer.

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Materials provided by Oxbridge Mind.

Geography Specific Course Materials

Centrally designed by our Geography Oxbridge tutors, user friendly for GAt.

One-to-one tutoring.

One-to-One Geography Tuition

Flexible tutoring by our Geography Oxbridge tutors is tailored for you.

Watch recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

Self-study using our award-winning Geography materials online.

Contact support team at anytime.

Expert Support Service

Talk to our 24/7 Oxbridge support team for any questions or issues.

Comprehensive Application Support


Choosing Your College
Don't know where to apply? If you're applying to either Oxford or Cambridge, you must first choose which Oxbridge college you want to apply to. We'll explain the differences between colleges in terms of housing, amenities, and financial assistance. We'll work on finding the best college for you and your situation.
Writing Your Geography Personal Statement
Any Geography Oxbridge application must include a strong personal statement. Through revisions and drafts constructed by our skilled professionals, our online drafting platform will assist you in improving your personal statement. We'll go over the vital aspects to include and how to write in an appropriate style.
Preparing for the GAT
All Oxford Geography applicants will need to sit the GAT. We offer one-to-one GAT tuition with experienced GAT tutors to help demystify this exam and prevent you making common mistakes. In addition, our expert team has designed a series of self-study online resources to work through including an example question, worked solutions for every question ever asked!
Geography Interview Preparation
The hardest part of the application process - the Oxbridge interviews! These interviews are legendary for being difficult and are the deciding factor in whether you get your offer. We make sure you're prepared for interview day by working through common Geography questions, mock interviews in a realistic interview setting and challenging you to Oxbridge-style debates and challenges.
Group Workshops and Geography Seminars
Take advantage of our group sessions to meet other like-minded Geography candidates who share your views. We'll talk about some captivating geographical and environmental theories, as well as the distinctive Oxbridge teaching style.
Life at Oxbridge
Our Oxbridge Mind tutors are all recent or recent Oxbridge Geography graduates. As a result, they can provide you with firsthand accounts of their experiences studying Geography at Oxbridge. Our tutors are high achievers and have access to resources created by Oxbridge Mind's education and application experts.

Our students excel on their applications

Our students excel on their applications

On average, an Oxbridge Mind student outperforms the average Oxbridge applicant with more than 1 in 2 of our students experiencing success.

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Oxbridge Mind
Average student success rate
Average Oxbridge  Applicant success rate

Experience our one-to-one tutoring

After delivering thousands of hours of one-to-one tutoring, it enabled us to develop a successful teaching framework, which enables you to make the most of the time you have with our Oxbridge tutors.

After a successful application, each student is matched to a dedicated Oxbridge Mind tutor who is an expert in their field of study and will help you with your application.


For your first lessons, you'll work together with your Oxbridge Mind tutor to plan out how to successfully approach your application.


Increase your chances of a successful Geography application by using the Oxbridge Mind online resources and taking part in our weekly seminars.

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What our programme includes

What you can expect from your Oxbridge Mind Geography course:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.

Tailored Course Materials

Subject specific to Geography
Created by Oxbridge academics
Syllabus that is made just to you
Up-to-date and user friendly
One-to-one personalised tutoring.

One-to-One Tuition

Experienced Oxford Geography tutors
All materials provided for GAT and interview
Fully online
Flexible scheduling
Full mocks and practice questions
Watch the recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

50+ mini-lectures for GAT
Full GAT worked solutions and essay plans
Ideal self-study resource
Contact support team online.

Expert Support Service

Knowledgeable Oxbridge application team
Dedicated admin team
24/7 support service
Help with questions or issues

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    Oxbridge Mind is the most informative, straightforward, and user-friendly Oxbridge application platform available online. We are certain that you will agree with us. As a result, when you've been accepted into one of our programme, try it out risk-free!
    Guaranteed successful tutoring.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Simply let us know if you're not fully satisfied with your Oxbridge Mind experience by the end of the trial period, and we'll issue a complete refund.

    Qualities of an Oxbridge Mind student

    Think you have what it takes to study at Oxbridge? Get there with Oxbridge Mind!

    Exceptional Academic Record

    Including the GAT entrance exam- get a top score and guarantee your offer!

    Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate your brilliant ideas effectively and ace your interview!


    We'll guide and support you in expressing your sincere interest in geography.

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    Commitment to Learning

    Prepare for Oxbridge, it won't be easy but don't forget to look forward to it!

    Lateral thinking

    You'll need to start thinking 'outside of the box' - vital in Geography and at Oxbridge.


    Studying at Oxbridge won't be easy - but neither will a career in Geography!

    Hear from our Oxbridge Mind Alumni

    We believe in each and every student who is approved into an Oxbridge Mind programme, and our stats speak for themselves! Want to join them? Apply for Oxbridge Mind today!
    Anonymous reviewer.
    Elijah Offers from Oxford, Durham, Southampton, KCL and Bristol

    A bit about you

    The thing that drew me to geography was that I could explore physical and social sciences in one course. I was born and raised in Oxford so was always very aware of the university’s reputation. My Oxford application was a stressful time, and being in the city surrounded by current students was difficult at times as it was hard to escape thinking of my application. I definitely felt the pressure.

    How did you find the programme?

    I saw it advertised online.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    I’m a worrier, and especially with my application I found I was so anxious about doing well that I was almost too nervous to get a solid preparation plan in place. Talking through my anxieties with my tutor was extremely helpful – especially as he had been the through the process successfully but had also experienced the same worries I was having.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Shruti Offers from Oxford, UCL, Liverpool, Warwick and Birmingham

    A bit about you

    My love affair with Oxford began after a trip to visit my older brother who studied there a few years ago. I was probably only about 9 or 10 but was completely sold on the typical romanticised image of studying at such an old and traditional university. Once I got older and realised that Oxford was a real possibility for me I put everything into my application – perhaps to my own detriment!

    How did you find the programme?

    I was so desperate for help that I searched for advice everywhere! Oxbridge Mind seemed well-thought out and put together. I liked how they covered every stage in a logical sequence.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    It really helped. I found the GAT prep very useful at the style of questioning was quite different to the exams I had sat at school. It took a while to get used to the exam format but Oxbridge Mind provided plenty of practice questions which was very helpful in those initial stages. My tutor was so friendly and welcoming, I felt like I could ask him anything no matter how silly it seemed.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Owen Offers from Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh

    A bit about you

    Ever since we first learnt about global warming at primary school I have been fascinated by the world and the way human behaviour impacts our world. Studying geography at university seemed like an obvious choice. I wasn’t completely sold at applying to Cambridge initially but was convinced by my Mum and school to give it a shot. It was actually my interview that sold it to me! I found discussing concepts in a debate style to be actually really enjoyable.

    How did you find the programme?

    My Mum signed me up for a trial lesson, and I decided to continue.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    The interview prep was the best thing for me. The interview style at Oxbridge is quite different to other universities as you’re not really asked about the generic questions. Instead they want you to explore your ideas and think outside the box. If it wasn’t for Oxbridge Mind I wouldn’t have been so well prepared for my interview and probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. Thank you!

    Book a free consultation with our specialists

    Have some questions about the programme? Get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    Who are the Oxbridge Mind Geography tutors?
    All of our Oxbridge Geography tutors are Oxbridge Geography grads or current students who scored in the top 10% of their admissions test and interview applications. Our Geography tutors have passed a background check to ensure that they are qualified, responsible, and adaptable. All tutors are DBS vetted, and all lessons are recorded to provide a safe and friendly learning environment. Throughout the program, your Geography tutor will build a bond with you, working as a teacher, motivator, and friend!
    How many hours of Geography Tuition do you provide?
    In a nutshell, there are no limits! Our Geography Oxbridge course can go on for as much as you need, although we recommend 20 to 40 hours. We're adaptable, and we want to help you pass the Geography GAT 2023 exam by providing you with the best platform and award-winning resources.
    Why is it important to get Oxbridge Geography application help?
    We understand how tough it is to apply to Oxford or Cambridge in competitive subjects, especially when time is short and possibilities for focusing on Oxbridge Geography applications are limited. Getting help with your Oxbridge application guarantees that you complete it correctly the first time, freeing up your time to focus on more essential aspects of your life. If you are more interested in just the GAT admissions test, we offer 1-1 GAT Course with our GAT Tutors to help you with your GAT preparation.
    Is the Oxbridge Geography Tuition online or face-to-face?
    For your convenience, we offer all of our Oxbridge Geography courses entirely online. We've prepared some amazing presentations and will share our screen with you during the session to make learning more entertaining and effective. With our flexible online Geography tuition, we can work around your schedule and teach you from the comfort of your own home. Lessons are taped so that you can review them if you forget something.
    Do I get to choose from your Oxbridge Geography tutors?
    We want to make certain that you and your Geography tutor will get along. If you have any gender, age, or other preferences, such as undergraduate or postgraduate Geography tutor, please let the Oxbridge team know and we will do our best to accommodate you!
    What materials do Oxbridge Mind Geography Tutors use?
    Our Oxbridge Geography Tutors provide a wide selection of Geography resources to their pupils. We've built a Geography course just for you, based on years of research and examiner expertise. All of our instructors will cover the whole Oxbridge Geography course. While Oxbridge Geography teaching can be hit or miss, we ensure that our instruction is targeted to your particular requirements. If you are more interested in just the GAT admissions test, we offer 1-1 GAT Course with our GAT Tutors to help you with your GAT preparation.
    What is unique about our Oxbridge Geography Tutoring?
    There are numerous Oxbridge Geography preparation courses available, and deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. As part of our Geography preparation, our experienced Oxbridge Mind Geography staff provides up-to-date Geography admissions exams and interview tools. If you are more interested in just the GAT admissions test, we offer 1-1 GAT Course with our GAT Tutors to help you with your GAT preparation.
    Do you offer free consultation for Oxford Geography Course?
    Absolutely! Simply contact our Oxbridge staff today to learn more about our Oxbridge Geography programme and book a FREE consultation.
    Do I have to pay for all the 1-1 Oxbridge Geography Tutoring upfront?
    Absolutely not! We're really flexible! We offer a variety of payment alternatives to help you finance the costs of studying for the Geography GAT admissions exam; simply contact our Oxbridge team for more information!
    I’m an international student and live outside of UK, is that an issue?
    Definitively not! Students from all over the world are welcome to enroll in our Oxbridge Geography course! We are committed to helping overseas students get acceptance to prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The following is a comprehensive overview of the services we provide worldwide: Geography Tutors in London, Geography Tutors in Australia, Geography Tutors in Singapore, Geography Tutors in India, Geography Tutors in New Zealand, Geography Tutors in Canada, Geography Tutors in the US, Geography Tutors in Dubai, Geography Tutors in Hong Kong, Geography Tutors in Melbourne, and more!
    How long does the Geography programme last?
    You can use your one-on-one tutoring hours for any topic over the course of three years, including your Geography application and A-levels (all subjects). The majority of students will begin our program between March and August 2023 for 2024 entrance, however, we have many students who begin earlier or later! We can customise the programme's framework to meet your needs. Early on, we'll personalise a revision plan and timeline for you. If you are more interested in just the GAT admissions test, we offer 1-1 GAT Course with our GAT Tutors to help you with your GAT preparation.
    Do you provide Personal Statement and Geography Interview support too?
    Without a doubt! We have prepared lesson plans for the Geography interview, personal statement, and other areas of your application to the Geography programme. You can use your 1-1 hour as you see fit across the application.
    What is Oxbridge Mind's success rate?
    We've taught over 50,000 students and provided over 200,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring through Oxbridge Mind and Study Mind. We have a long history of achievement and student happiness, which has earned us the title of TrustPilot's Top 5 Tutors in the UK. Our success rate at Oxbridge is more than double the national average in the United Kingdom.
    How does enrolment and payment work?
    You will meet with one of our Oxbridge professionals to discuss your application and assess your eligibility when you apply for a Geography programme. If you are accepted into the programme, you can pay either in full or in 12 monthly installments. We offer a variety of payment options that can be explored with a member of our team.
    Which package do you recommend I choose?
    The platinum package is our most popular, and it leads to the most improvement in your interview performance and overall application results. With over 70 hours of one-on-one mentorship, you'll get the greatest possible help to increase your chances of success. Our other packages are also highly effective, but we have less time to dig in-depth into topics or areas of weakness than we do with the Platinum Package because we have fewer hours of tuition.
    What happens if I have any issues, concerns or questions?
    With your Geography teachers and the Oxbridge Mind support team, you'll have your own WhatsApp group. You are free to ask questions there at any time, for example, to schedule lessons or for revision guidance. Our support team is always available, and we are pleased to speak with you over the phone if you prefer. If you are more interested in just the GAT admissions test, we offer 1-1 GAT Course with our GAT Tutors to help you with your GAT preparation.

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