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Cambridge & Oxford Classics Courses

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Our specialist Classics programme will help you to boost your chances of getting into Oxbridge by 40%*
A Star,
Comprehensive syllabus with personal statement and Oxbridge interview preparation
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Tutorials and practice questions for self-study online
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Captivating group study options

Fundamentals of
Oxbridge Mind

This Oxbridge Mind programme is specifically designed to help you apply for Oxbridge Classics and improve your chance of receiving an offer.

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Materials provided by Oxbridge Mind.

Classics Specific Course Materials

Our Oxbridge Classics tutors provide you with material on how to secure your offer.

One-to-one tutoring.

One-to-One Classics Tuition

Our Classics Oxbridge tutors will support you through tailored and flexible tutoring.

Watch recorded tutorials online.

Online Guided Tutorials

For effectiveness, benefit from our award-winning Classics materials.

Contact support team at anytime.

Expert Support Service

24/7 speedy support from our dedicated Oxbridge team for any issues or queries.

Comprehensive Application Support


Choosing your College
Regardless of if you pick Oxford or Cambridge, you'll need to decide which college you would like to apply to. Feeling lost and overwhelmed? Don't panic! We'll discuss the differences between colleges in terms of housing, facilities, and financial support. Together we'll find the best college for you and your circumstance.
Writing your Classics Personal Statement
Any Oxbridge application requires a strong personal statement. Does yours? Our online drafting platform will assist you in improving your personal statement by providing you with revisions and drafts created by our professional team. We'll go over the important elements to include and make sure you're writing in the right tone.
Classics Interview Preparation
The Oxbridge Classics interview is perhaps the hardest part of the application process! These interviews are famous for being tough, and they are the deciding factor in whether or not you will be given an offer. Working through common Oxbridge Classics questions, mock interviews in a realistic interview setting, and challenging you to Oxbridge-style debates and challenges guarantees you're prepared for interview day.
Group Workshops and Enrichment Seminars
Take advantage of our group sessions and connect with other like-minded Classics applicants. We'll discuss interesting classical civilisation topics and learn about the unique Oxford or Cambridge teaching style.
Life at Oxbridge
Our Oxbridge Mind tutors are all graduates or current students of Oxbridge. As a result, they will be able to provide you with firsthand accounts of their time at Oxford or Cambridge. Our tutors are top academic performers who have access to resources developed by Oxbridge Mind's education and application experts.

Our students excel on their applications

Our students excel on their applications

On average, an Oxbridge Mind student outperforms the average Oxbridge applicant, with more than 1 in 2 of our students experiencing success.

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Oxbridge Mind
Average student success rate
Average Oxbridge  Applicant success rate

Experience our one-to-one tutoring

Thousands of hours of one-on-one tutoring allowed us to develop a tried-and-true teaching framework that allows you to get the most out of your time with our Oxbridge tutors.

Following a successful application, each student is assigned to an Oxbridge tutor who is specialises in their field of study and will work with you throughout the programme.


During your first lessons, you'll work with an Oxbridge Mind tutor to devise a perfect plan for approaching your application while taking into account your needs.


Using the Oxbridge Mind online resources and attending our weekly enrichment seminars can help you improve your chances of a successful application to Oxbridge.

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What our programme includes

What you can expect from your Oxbridge Mind Classics course:
Access Oxbridge Mind resources online.

Tailored Classics Course Materials

Subject specific to Classics
Designed by Oxbridge academics and students
Flexible curriculum tailored to your needs
Up-to-date and user friendly
One-to-one personalised tutoring.

One-to-One Tuition

Experienced Oxbridge Classics tutors
Convenient scheduling
Fully online
All materials provided
Practice questions and interview mocks
Watch the recorded tutorials online.

Variety of Teaching

Interactive group seminars
Personal statement support
Full mock interviews
Interview online tutorials
Contact support team online.

Expert Support Service

Knowledgeable Oxbridge application team
Commited admin team
Around-the-clock service
Help with any questions or issues

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    Our satisfaction guarantee

    Oxbridge Mind is the most thorough, simple, and user-friendly Oxbridge application platform available. We are confident that once you use it, you will agree. As a result, when you've been accepted into one of our programme, you can try it out without risk!
    Guaranteed successful tutoring.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with your Oxbridge Mind experience by the end of the trial period, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.

    Qualities of an Oxbridge Mind student

    Think you have what it takes to study at Oxbridge? Get there with Oxbridge Mind!

    Exceptional Academic Record

    One needs to have good record in secondary school to study at Oxford/Cambridge.

    Communication Skills

    Your ideas may be amazing but you need to learn how to communicate them well.


    We'll assist you in learning how to effectively express your genuine love for Classics.

    Oxbridge Mind logo

    Commitment to Learning

    Prepare yourself for work at Oxford/Cambridge by showing your willingness to learn more!

    Lateral thinking

    To be a successful Oxbridge student, you'll need to start thinking 'outside the box'.


    Studying at Oxbridge level won't be easy - but neither will learning an ancient language!

    Hear from our Oxbridge Mind Alumni

    We believe in every student who joins an Oxbridge Mind programme, and our results speak for themselves! Want to get involved?Submit an application to Oxbridge Mind today!
    Anonymous reviewer.
    James Offers from Oxford, KCL, UCL, Exeter and Durham

    A bit about you

    Applying to Oxbridge is such a daunting decision to make. It is so well known for being a very competitive process and at times its easy to start doubting yourself and your passion for the course. With something like Classics that can be even worse I find. Many schools don’t even teach the subject so deciding to study it, and then deciding to apply for the most competitive universities is a lot to handle!

    How did you find the programme?

    Recommendation from a friend in the year above who used the services.

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    I’m sure it’s been said a million times before, but having a one-to-one tutor is unbelievably helpful. I liked meeting with my tutor each week and how they guided me through each step of the application. They were very approachable and gave me a real flavour of what life would be like when I actually got to Oxford.

    Anonymous reviewer.
    Sylvie Offers from Cambridge, St Andrews, UCL, Leeds and Reading

    A bit about you

    I’ve been obsessed with Ancient Greece since I was about 10! The minute I learned about the course at Cambridge I knew it was where I had to go. It’s been a life-long goal really.

    How did you find the programme?

    I must of been googling Cambridge a lot as I’d been seeing the ads a lot!

    How did it help with your Oxbridge application?

    Very useful. Particularly interview preparation. I initially struggled with getting my words out and framing my ideas into a cohesive structure that made sense. My tutor identified that coming up with ideas and points to make wasn’t the problem for me, but instead we focused on verbalising my thoughts to sound well-thought out and confident. It must of worked because I came out of the interview with a big smile on my face!

    Book a free consultation with our specialists

    Have some questions about the programme? Get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

    Who are the Oxbridge Mind Classics tutors?
    Our Oxbridge Classics tutors are all former or current Oxbridge students who scored in the top 10% of their cohort on the Classics Oxbridge admissions test and interview. Our Classics tutors must pass a thorough background check to ensure that they are knowledgeable, responsible, and considerate. To ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment, all tutors are DBS checked, and all lessons are recorded. Your Classics tutor will form a bond with you throughout the process, acting as a teacher, inspiring coach, and friend!
    Why is it important to get Oxbridge application help?
    We understand how tough it is to apply to Oxford or Cambridge in competitive disciplines, especially when deadlines are short and alternatives for focusing on Oxbridge Classics applications are restricted. Getting support with your Oxbridge application guarantees that you complete it correctly the first time, freeing up your time to focus on more essential things (like your exams!).
    Do I get to choose from your Oxbridge Classics tutors?
    We go to great lengths to make sure that you get along with your Classics tutor. Please let the Oxbridge team know if you have any gender, age, or other category preferences, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    What materials do you use for Classics 2023?
    Our Oxbridge Classics Tutors assist all of their students with customised Classics resources. We've built a Classics course targeted to your test board based on years of study and examiner experience. The content of the Oxbridge Classics will be thoroughly reviewed by all of our lecturers. Tutoring for Oxbridge Classics might be hit or miss, but we make sure that our tutoring is tailored to your specific requirements.
    How many hours of Classics Tuition do you provide?
    You can invest as many hours as you want on our Classics Oxbridge course, but we recommend 20 to 40 hours. We're flexible and want to provide you with the best platform and award-winning resources to assist you to pass the Classics 2023 exam.
    What is unique about our Oxbridge Classics Tutoring?
    There are several Oxbridge Classics preparation courses to choose from, and deciding which one is right for you can be difficult. Our specialist Oxbridge Mind Classics staff provides up-to-date Classics admissions exam and interview resources as part of our Oxbridge Classics preparation. We can create a timetable with you that is adapted to your needs and availability thanks to our dynamic and flexible approach. This method helps you to balance your application work with your studies, allowing you to maximise your time. We assign homework to students in between lessons to keep them on track and track their progress.
    Is the Oxbridge Classics Tuition online or face-to-face?
    Our tutoring for Oxbridge Classics is held virtually via Zoom. We've put together some fantastic presentations, and we'll share our screen with you during the session to make learning more enjoyable and effective. With our flexible online Classics tuition, we can work around your schedule and teach you from the comfort of your own home. Lessons are recorded so that you can review them if you forget something. We've created specific tutorials to assist you with every part of your application, and each lesson will be flexible enough to alter based on your needs and progress. You can effortlessly plan all of our lessons through your personal WhatsApp chat.
    Do you offer free consultation for Oxford Classics Course?
    Without a doubt, yes! To learn more about our Oxbridge Classics curriculum and to schedule a FREE consultation, simply contact our Oxbridge team.
    Do I have to pay for all the 1-1 Classics Tutoring upfront?
    Definitely not! We are really adaptable! We offer a variety of payment options that allow you to stretch the cost of your Classics admissions exam preparation across several months.
    I’m an international student and live outside of UK, is that an issue?
    Surely not! Our Classics Oxbridge course is open to anyone from anywhere in the world! We are dedicated to assisting international students in achieving acceptance to prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The following is a complete list of the services we offer around the world: Classics Tutors in London, Classics Tutors in Australia, Classics Tutors in Singapore, Classics Tutors in India, Classics Tutors in New Zealand, Classics Tutors in Canada, Classics Tutors in the US, Classics Tutors in Dubai, Classics Tutors in Hong Kong, Classics Tutors in Melbourne, and more!
    How long does the Classics programme last?
    Your hours can be applied to a range of disciplines over the course of three years, including your A-Levels and, of course, your Classics application. The majority of our students will begin our course between March and August 2023, giving them plenty of time to prepare for the 2024 application period. Many students, however, prefer to start at a later time; therefore, we will work with you to develop a focused programme to help you study.
    What is your experience and success rate?
    We've taught over 50,000 students and provided over 200,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring through Oxbridge Mind and Study Mind. We have a long history of achievement and student happiness, which has earned us the title of TrustPilot's Top 5 Tutors in the UK. Our success rate at Oxbridge is more than double the national average in the United Kingdom.
    How does enrolment and payment work?
    After we've reviewed your application and vetted it, one of our Oxbridge specialists will meet with you to discuss your application and assess your candidacy. If you are offered a place to study with us, you have the option of paying your Classics tuition costs in full or in a customised instalment plan that can be agreed upon with our team.
    Do you provide Personal Statement and Classics Interview support too?
    We offer a dedicated personal statement improvement service, which you will discuss with your Classics, personal tutor. Additionally, we provide structured classes to assist you in planning, practicing, and improving your interview skill set before the big day!
    Which package do you recommend I choose?
    Our Platinum package is by far the most popular, as it provides students with the ideal amount of time to demonstrate considerable development and success with their applications. It is the most effective strategy to maximize your chances of earning an offer at Oxbridge, with 70+ hours of concentrated one-to-one training. Of course, we have various packages with fewer hours, but they will leave you with less time to go over the crucial topics in depth before your application deadline.
    What happens if I have any issues, concerns or questions?
    You will have your own personal WhatsApp group with your tutor and the Oxbridge mind support team if you have any queries or concerns. You can use this space to ask questions, express concerns, and organise lessons with your tutor. If you require immediate assistance, our support team is available to speak with you over the phone.