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LNAT preparation books are a must-have if you want to do well on the LNAT and get your dream law course offer. The LNAT website is an excellent resource for practice. However, there are only two exams accessible, so save them right before the exam.

This guide will walk you through the various LNAT books available. It also includes several non-LNAT books that will help you improve your LNAT skills. This page explains how to get the most out of LNAT books. It also provides a list of the best LNAT books to help you decide which one is right for you. This is not an exhaustive list and there are a number of cheaper and easily accessible options online!

How can you utilise LNAT prep books to gain the highest marks and step up your prep?

You should do as many LNAT practise questions as possible with your LNAT Book. However, in order to get the most out of your practise, it’s critical to double-check your work on a frequent basis. Write tips next to each question as you go through the answers. Focus on what you missed and what strategy you would use next time.

Make sure to practise LNAT in a timed environment. The exam is timed, and you’ll need to be prepared for it, so set a rigorous time limit for yourself. However, don’t always keep track of your time. It’s sometimes a good idea to do questions carefully at first. Plan out the steps you’ll need to take to earn the maximum possible LNAT score before you practise executing them. Check out our guides for more information on LNAT scoring and LNAT tips.

Essay instructions are helpful, but there are numerous methods to respond to an essay. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t make the same arguments as the book if your essay is clear and well-organised. Instead, utilise the book to discover qualities that contribute to an overall great essay. For example, topic sentences, clarity, and counter-argument identification and use that as a checklist for your writing.

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The Ultimate LNAT Collection Book – 3 Books in 1

The Ultimate LNAT Collection

Review: With 600 practice problems, Essay Plans, and full mock LNAT papers, this book is a terrific all-arounder. I recommend doing 6 rounds of practice questions with a 9-minute time restriction per passage. Then go over the answers and comments for each practice question. Next, take out your pen and jot down key points.

For example, if the question asks for an “unstated assumption,” you’re searching for something that the text relied on but didn’t mention clearly. The essay plans are also useful, as they will guide you toward a clear and concise essay structure. However you shouldn’t be concerned if you have approached the subject in a slightly different way.

Price: £27 from Amazon. Not cheap, but not a bad price for the number of questions. 

The Ultimate LNAT Collection Book – Amazon

The Ultimate LNAT Guide

The Ultimate LNAT Guide

Review: This LNAT practice book is helpful for a quick overview of the LNAT. It includes general guidance, 400 practice questions, essay questions, and annotations for the essays. The sole difference between this book and the first is that the first contains LNAT Mock Papers and is a little more expensive. If your LNAT test is coming up soon, this book might be the best option. But don’t forget that you can always make your own LNAT paper by selecting 42 multiple choice questions and one essay.

You can also practise on the LNAT website. The annotated essays are arguably the most useful portion of the book. Study them and try to apply what you’ve learned to your own essay to enhance your grade.

Price: £15 from Amazon – much more concise and straightforward than some of the other moods!

The Ultimate LNAT Guide – Amazon

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    LNAT Practice Book: LNAT Preparation Guide

    LNAT Essay Writing

    Review: There are only three mock tests in this book. Furthermore, you must purchase two books, one for Section A and one for Section B. The number of questions that ‘The Ultimate LNAT Guide’ answers, makes it more expensive. As a result, this book is probably only worth getting if you need some questions to go along with one of the books listed above.

    The LNAT book in Section B goes over how to write an essay in great detail. It arguably contains more information on the subject than the prior two volumes. However, the book’s contents appears to be a little basic, and it is quite pricey. So only buy it if you are completely unsure about the essay and want to learn more about it.

    Price: £11.50 for Section A (more expensive than “The Ultimate LNAT Guide” , especially quantifying the number of questions). £25 for Section B (very expensive for a book only on the essay side of the paper).

    LNAT Preparation Guide Section A – Amazon

    Preparation Guide Section B – Amazon

    LNAT Essay Questions and Answers

    LNAT Essay QA

    This book is inexpensive and useful for Section B. It has a part that summarises general information about the LNAT. This includes how to register for the test and what to expect, which will help you relax before the test. There are also a lot of essay questions in the book. There are also tips on how to write a decent essay and establish compelling arguments.

    It may seem straightforward if essay writing is already one of your strongest skills. But if Section B of the LNAT concerns you, this book will be a useful supplement to one of the other publications that concentrate on Section A of the exam.

    Price: £7.85 very cheap, although remember this book only deals with Section B which is the essay bit, for the MCQ bit, there will be another book required.

    LNAT Essay Questions and Answers – Amazon

    J Herring Criminal Law

    J Herring Criminal Law

    Review: Review: This is not a book developed expressly for the LNAT, and remember that the LNAT does not require any legal expertise. However, this book has ‘Hot subject’ pages that examine themes similar to those discussed in the Law portion of the essay titles. Should the propagation of disease, for example, be made a crime? What is the age at which a foetus becomes a ‘person’? Flicking through the arguments on some of these issues in the hot topic area and in relation to recent cases will put you in the mindset of a lawyer. It will also get you thinking about the kinds of questions you should be asking and things you should be thinking about in your essay.

    This will also be helpful if you are attending an interview, but it is important not to treat this book as information to learn, instead, allow it to introduce you to new ways of thinking. This book is probably best for people who have already done a lot of LNAT prep using one of the other books and will be most helpful for people who are also preparing for Oxbridge interviews.

    Price: £25 from Amazon, so slightly on the pricier side and will need to be bought in addition to an LNAT-specific guide. Also note that the entirety of this book is about the LNAT, only parts of this book will be useful at the LNAT stage.

    Criminal Law Textbook – Amazon

    There’s a lot more to it than just the LNAT books…

    Excellent LNAT prep books can help you do well in your LNAT, but buying one won’t get you very far; you’ll need to use it efficiently. Seeking the support of LNAT tutors can also be very beneficial; this is someone who has experience teaching and taking the LNAT and will be able to communicate with you and help you improve your LNAT scores in a more personal way. Although it can be difficult to evaluate your own work, an LNAT teacher will be able to identify areas where you need to improve in order to increase your LNAT scores.

    An LNAT preparation course may be more suited to students who find it better to work at their own pace on their own.

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