A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the BMAT for Application to Oxbridge

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UPDATE: Please note that CAAT have announced they will no longer be administering the BMAT in 2024, for 2025 entry. Cambridge University has announced that they will be using the UCAT as an admissions indicator. Oxford University are to announce admissions test changes in Spring 2024.

One of the admissions examinations that universities use to evaluate your child’s application to medical, dentistry, veterinary and health-related courses is the BioMedical Admissions Test or BMAT as it is more commonly known. It is a two-hour paper-based test that is divided into three sections. 

It primarily tests your child’s ability in applying their scientific and Mathematical knowledge, as well as their skills in writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The exam will often be taken in your child’s college or sixth form, or at a nearby college or sixth form that is serving as a test centre.

Universities that require the BMAT

Both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge require applicants to take the BMAT if they are applying to Medical or Biomedical related courses. Specifically, the University of Cambridge requires applicants to the A100 Medicine course to take the BMAT. On the other hand, The University of Oxford requires applicants to the A100 Medicine, A101 Graduate Medicine Entry, and BC98 Biomedical Sciences courses to take the BMAT.

If your child is intending to apply for any of the courses above, they are required to take the BMAT. If your child is applying to Oxbridge for Medicine, they can apply to three other medical schools as part of their UCAS application. The other universities that require the BMAT for their medical courses are: Imperial, Keele (if your child is an international student), Lancaster University, UCL, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, and Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

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BMAT key dates

The BMAT exam is offered on various different dates; the two UK test dates are in September and November, but there are additional dates for overseas medical schools. You should directly verify if the universities your child is enrolling to require them to take the BMAT on a specific date before registering for the examination and paying the related fees.

The key dates for the BMAT sessions is as follows:

  • Registration for August BMAT: 24 June – 11 August 2019 
  • Registration for October BMAT: 1 September – 1 October 2019 
  • Test Dates: August 31st, October 30th 2019. 
  • Results for August BMAT: 20th September 2019 

Results for November BMAT: 22nd November 2019

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    How can I support my child in the BMAT? 

    There are many ways you can help your child with their BMAT preparations, such as online resources, 1-1 tutoring, and by sourcing practice papers (which are available online on the official Cambridge Admissions Assessment Testing website). Resources range in cost with some online providers offering free trials of online courses but charging high prices for full access. At Medic Mind we are passionate about providing affordable support for students applying to medical school, making both our 1-1 tutoring and 1-day BMAT classroom course as affordable as we can. With our 92% university success rate, we hope to be able to help you support your child in pursuing their dream of becoming a doctor.

    If you would like to find out more about such services, you can apply for 1-1 tutoring here. 

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