Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Overview and Entrance Requirements

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The Asian and Middle Eastern Studies course is distinctive for its exclusive focus on non-Western civilisations. As such, it offers students a comprehensive exploration of these regions often overlooked in mainstream British education. 

This programme also encompasses a diverse range of subjects. These include linguistics, literature, history, culture, philosophy, religion, and contemporary social studies. Together, they provide a holistic understanding of Asian and Middle Eastern societies. 

The curriculum not only delves into these regions’ historical and traditional aspects but also includes contemporary developments, making it highly relevant in today’s globalised world.

Additionally, the proximity of resources like the Ashmolean Museum and specialised libraries like the Leopold Muller Memorial Library and the Sackler Library, further enrich the academic experience, offering students access to invaluable materials for research and study. 

This course also provides a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse cultures of Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, it fosters a deep appreciation for these regions and their global significance.

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Entrance Requirements

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UCAS CodeSee course options
Minimum Entrance Requirements A-levels – AAA
Advanced Highers – AA/AAB 
IB – 39 (including core points) with 666 at HL     
Admission Test for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at OxfordNone
Subject RequirementsA language can be Helpful.
Furthermore, mastering the ability to handwrite is a mandatory core element for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Extras things admission tutors look forWritten Work: Two pieces written in English. 
The particular topic of your essay and the A-level (or equivalent) subject from which it is drawn is not important. Additionally, it demonstrates you how you construct an argument and express your ideas in English.
Submission deadline: November
Duration3 or 4 years (BA)
Admissions StatisticsInterviewed: 82%Successful: 30%
What is Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford?Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford is a specialised programme introducing students to non-Western civilisations.
The course also covers linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural aspects, encompassing traditional and contemporary regional developments. 
This unique programme also equips students with a holistic perspective, fostering appreciation for diverse cultures and global awareness.
Oxford Colleges that offer Asian and Middle Eastern StudiesBalliol College , Christ Church , Harris Manchester College 
Hertford College (Chinese and Japanese only)
Pembroke College (Not Egyptology, Sanskrit or Ancient Near Eastern Studies or Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
The Queen’s College (Not Arabic, Persian or Turkish)

St Anne’s College (Not Arabic and Islamic Studies, Persian or Turkish)
St John’s CollegeUniversity College (Only Egyptology; Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Chinese)
Wadham College
Structure of the course
There are several options within the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies course: Arabic Chinese Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Hebrew – please also note that admissions for this degree are temporarily suspended for 2024 entry. Japanese Jewish Studies Persian Sanskrit Turkish
Furthermore, to see the specific structure of each course, please visit the Asian and Middle Eastern course page on the Oxford University website.
Common CareersGraduates of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford secure opportunities in 
Finance, The Media, Commerce, The Civil Service, The Law, Accountancy, International Development, Education, The Arts
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