Studying Architecture at Cambridge: All About Cambridge Architecture

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Cambridge has one of the leading Architecture schools in the world, with excellent student-to-staff ratios. They also have an encouraging, innovative design programme. During the Cambridge Architecture course, students will experience a balance of theoretical and practical teaching. This gives them a firm grounding of knowledge and also allows for a pragmatic, practical application of this.

UCAS CodeK100
Minimum Entrance Requirements for Cambridge ArchitectureA-levels – A*AA
IB – 40-42 (including core points) with 776 at HL
Admission Test for Architecture at CambridgeInterview
Entry Requirements for Architecture at CambridgeNo specific subjects are specified in the entry requirements for Architecture at Cambridge. Although they recommend that students study Mathematics and Physics.
Extras things admission tutors look for at this courseIn interviews, tutors look for students who:
Have a capacity to use and absorb new ideas
Can apply familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations
Can communicate their thought process clearly and effectively
Can express a passion and enthusiasm for Architecture
Duration of the Course3 years- students graduate with BA
Admissions Statistics for Cambridge Architecture CourseApplications per place: 10
Number accepted: 66
What is Architecture at Cambridge?Architecture at Cambridge gives students the skills to design buildings of several different designs. Students learn about the theory of both how to design a building as well as how to represent their design. Students then put this understanding into practice in designated studio sessions. This is where students can apply this theory and develop their practical capabilities.
Cambridge Colleges that Offer ArchitectureAll except Hughes Hall College and St Catherine’s College
Structure of Architecture Course at CambridgeYear 1 – Learning with an emphasis on understanding and practising traditional modes of representation, such as models or collage. Students will take five lecture-based papers. These include Architectural History/Theory both pre and post-1800, as well as the Fundamental Principles of Construction, Structural Design and Environmental Design.

Year 2 – students choose from various options for studio work. Projects involving mapping and interior interventions. Assessment is the form of vie papers that build on the first-year topics.

Year 3 – students choose from three studio options that require producing a building design at the end of the year. Four lecture-based papers form the assessment. There is also a 9000-word dissertation on the topic of your choice.

Students learn two days a week in a designated studio. Teaching also comes in lectures, tutorials and visits to buildings under construction.
Common Careers for Cambridge Architecture StudentsExamples of common careers for Cambridge
Architecture students include:
Education and Research
Design and Media


→What is the architecture program at Cambridge University?

The architecture program is a challenging and innovative course of study that focuses on the design and construction of buildings and other structures. Students in the program study a range of topics, including architectural theory, history, and practice, as well as structural engineering, construction materials, and environmental design.

→What are the admission requirements for studying architecture at Cambridge University?

The admission requirements for studying architecture at Cambridge University vary depending on the level of study. Generally, applicants are required to have a strong academic record, including top grades in relevant subjects such as mathematics, physics, and design technology. Additionally, applicants must submit a personal statement, portfolio, and may be required to sit an admissions test and/or attend an interview.

→What is the teaching style like for architecture students at Cambridge University?

The teaching style for architecture students is a combination of lectures, seminars, design studios, and workshops. Students are expected to engage with the material in a critical and analytical manner, and to develop their own ideas and arguments through independent study and discussion with faculty.

→What resources are available to architecture students at Cambridge University?

Architecture students at Cambridge University have access to a range of resources, including state-of-the-art design studios, workshops, and research centers, as well as support services such as academic advising and career services.

→What opportunities are available for architecture students at Cambridge University?

Architecture students at Cambridge University have access to a range of opportunities, including internships with leading architecture firms, study abroad programs, and research opportunities in areas such as sustainable design and urban planning. Additionally, the university has a strong network of alumni working in the architecture field who can provide mentorship and career guidance.

→What is the job outlook for architecture graduates from Cambridge University?

Architecture graduates from are highly sought after by employers in the architecture and design industries, as well as in other fields such as construction and engineering. Many graduates go on to pursue further study or work in research or design settings.

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