Cambridge Management Studies: Overview and Entrance Requirements

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The Cambridge Management Studies course offers a unique approach to preparing students for managerial roles. An undergraduate business degree may not fully equip you with the skills of a competent manager. However, this programme allows you to delve into the subjects crucial for management within a full-time student schedule.
The course fosters a solid understanding of management fundamentals, practical experience, and essential skills. This includes critical analysis and social and environmental awareness, essential for effective management today.
This programme is hosted by the Cambridge Judge Business School, providing access to valuable resources like libraries and computing facilities. However, one of the most enriching aspects of this course is the diverse cohort of students from various backgrounds. Each student brings their unique strengths, fostering collaborative learning and personal growth.
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Cambridge Management Studies: Entrance Requirements

Minimum Entrance Requirements Competitive entry after two or three years of another Cambridge course.
Admission Test for Management Studies at CambridgeNone
Extras things admission tutors look forNone
Duration1 year
Admissions StatisticsPlaces available: 50
Cambridge Colleges that offer Management StudiesStudents will need to check the college requirements as to whether they are able to stay on after a three year course.
Structure of the Management Studies at Cambridge4 hours of supervision per core course, 3 per elective, and 6 per project group. The average supervision group size is 5 students for modules, and between 3 and 5 for projects, depending on project team size.
Core courses: There are 6 core courses on the Tripos, which take place in Michaelmas term and Lent term. These include Organisational Behaviour, Quantitative Methods, Economics of Firms & Markets, Accounting & Finance, Operations Management, Marketing.
Elective courses: The electives, which take place in Lent term, follow and may build upon the material covered in the core courses. There are 6 electives, from which you choose 2
MST consulting project: Students carry out a 4-week project in Easter Term. It is also designed to give you the opportunity to gain practical experience of a management problem. It also helps you to develop skills of communication and cooperation that will benefit you in your future career.
Common Careers after Management Studies at CambridgeCompanies hiring recent graduates include: Accenture, Allen & Overy, Bain & Company, Barclays, Clifford Chance, JP Morgan, LEK Consulting.
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