Studying Math at Cambridge: All Info For Entering Cambridge Maths Department

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Mathematics at Cambridge is a fascinating course concerning itself with the logical intricacies of the world.  Students can enjoy flexibility in their studies and Cambridge offers a fantastic breadth of subjects offered within the realm of Mathematics.  Students are taught by field-leading experts through a combination of lectures and supervised group sessions.

cambridge maths requirements

We have provided more information about the Cambridge Maths course, including Cambridge University Maths entry requirements, course overview, Cambridge Maths interview info and prospective careers after studying Maths at Cambridge.

cambridge university maths entry requirements
UCAS CodeG100
Cambridge Maths entry requirementsA-levels – A*A*A with A*s in Mathematics and Further Mathematics
Advanced Highers – AA/AAB
IB – 40-42 (including core points) with 776 at HL (with a 7 in Higher Level Mathematics)
Cambridge usually requires a grade 1 in two STEP papers
Cambridge Maths requirements: Admissions testSTEP + Interview

The Sixth Term Examination Paper is a Mathematics examination consisting of up to two 3-hour examinations.  These comprise a mixture of pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.  These usually occur in June.
Cambridge University Mathematics entry requirementsCandidates must have Mathematics at A* or equivalent high levels.  Admissions tutors recommend that candidates study Further Mathematics.
Extras things admission tutors look for at Cambridge Mathematics CourseIn Cambridge Math interviews, tutors look for students who:
Have a capacity to use and absorb new ideas, can apply familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations, can communicate their thought process clearly and effectively, and can also express a passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics
Duration of Maths Cambridge Course3 years- students graduate with a BA
4 years- students graduate with a Math
Admissions Statistics: cambridge maths Applications per place: 7
Number accepted: 223
What is Maths at Cambridge?Mathematics allows us to explain phenomena happening in the world.  This applies to concepts in industry or the world of nature.  Mathematics allows us to present logical scientific arguments, , and those allows students to develop the skills necessary to do so. Students will also learn about varies topics within the field of Mathematics while also getting time to discover their practical applications.

Mathematics at Cambridge teaches valuable problem-solving skills and enhance a student’s ability to think logically.  Additionally, the course will improve your ability to communicate these thought processes, thus developing skills that have significant real-world applications.
Cambridge Colleges that offer MathematicsAvailable at all colleges except Wolfson.
Structure of Cambridge Mathematics CourseYear 1 – Students learn the fundamentals of Higher Mathematics, studying topics like Algebraic Systems, Probability and Newtonian Dynamics.  Assessment is in the form of four written examination papers.

Year 2 – Students can choose from 15 options and can also study their first-year options in greater depth. Assessment is in the form of four written examination papers.

Year 3 – Students continue to explore their interests, selecting from interesting topics such as Cosmology, Waves or Number theory as well as many others.  Assessment is also in the form of four written examination papers.

Year 4 – Students get the chance to participate in research studies, as well as submit an essay on a current research topic of their choosing.

Teaching comes via a mixture of lectures and supervised group sessions
Common Careers for Cambridge Maths StudentsExamples of common careers for Oxford 
Mathematics students include:
Further mathematical study
Information and Technology

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