English and Modern Languages: Overview and Entrance Requirements

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This English and Modern Languages course offers a comprehensive study of English literature from its origins in Anglo-Saxon to contemporary works from English-speaking countries worldwide. Furthermore, the Modern Language component provides linguistic training. It also introduces European literature, and promotes coherent language study. 

The faculties are among the largest in the UK, featuring renowned scholars. Students also gain access to various libraries. These include the English Faculty Library, Taylor Institution Library, Bodleian Library, and college libraries, as well as being supplemented by online resources.

The curriculum is flexible. The first year covers practical language work and important texts in the chosen language and English literature. Additionally, Second-year options encompass literature from various periods in both languages. Finally, the third year involves compulsory study abroad. This, in turn, offers diverse experiences like language assistantships, internships, and university study. Funding options are also available, considering destination and activity.

The final year also involves a dissertation on an English or comparative topic, combining studies of both languages. Moreover, the course emphasises language, literature, and cross-cultural understanding, facilitated by Oxford’s resources and partnerships.

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UCAS CodeSee course combinations
Minimum Entrance Requirements A-levels – AAA
Advanced Highers – AA/AAB
IB – 38 (including core points) with 666 at HL            
Admission Test for English and Modern Languages at OxfordMust take both ELAT and MLAT
Test date:
ELAT: 19 October 2023
MLAT: 20 October 2023
Registration date: 29 September 2023        
Subject Requirements for English and Modern Languagesat OxfordA modern language (depending on course choice) and English Literature or English Language and Literature are Essential.
Extras things admission tutors look forWritten Work: One/Three pieces 
A piece of written work in your chosen Modern Language 
A piece of written work in English for the English part of the course
A piece of written work in English for the Modern Languages part of the course
Submission deadline: 10 November 2023
Duration4 years with a year abroad (BA)
Admissions StatisticsInterviewed: 80%
Successful: 28%
What is English and Modern Languagesat Oxford?English and Modern Languages at Oxford is a dynamic course that comprehensively explores literature written in English from its origins to contemporary works, alongside practical linguistic training and the study of European literature. 
This four-year programme offers flexibility, introducing students to language tools, critical approaches, and various periods of literature. 
The course also includes a mandatory year abroad, allowing students to engage in language assistantships, internships, and university study. 
Students also have access to extensive library resources, funding options, and the expertise of renowned scholars, enhancing their cross-cultural understanding and academic growth.
What Colleges Offer English and Modern Languages at Oxford?Due to the extensive range of modern languages offered, students will need to visit the Oxford Modern Languages page for full details.
Structure of the English and Modern Languages Course at OxfordYear 1 
Six papers are taken:
Introduction to English language and literature
One period paper from single honours English Language and Literature
Two practical language papers
Two literature papers in the modern language
(Year 3 spent abroad)
Year 2 & 4
Three papers from single honours English Language and Literature
Modern Language (four papers) including: practical language work (two written papers plus oral examination), a period of literature and options (prescribed authors and texts from the 12th to 21st centuries, a special subject or a linguistics paper)
Common Careers after English and Modern Languages at OxfordGraduates of English and Modern Languages at Oxford secure opportunities in Broadcasting, Publishing, Teaching, Journalism, Theatre, Administration, Management, Advertising, Translation, Librarianship, Law
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