English Language and Literature: Overview and Entrance Requirements

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The English Language and Literature course at Oxford University offers a comprehensive exploration of English writing. This spans from its origins in Anglo-Saxon England to the contemporary era. The programme also goes beyond British literature, allowing students to delve into works written in English from various global perspectives and languages. This, in turn, fosters a multilingual and worldwide understanding of English literature throughout history. 

This course also emphasises personalised learning. This enables students to tailor their studies to their interests through core papers, dissertation topics, and final-year special options.

Students also develop advanced reading skills, engage in critical analysis. Within this, they also explore literary techniques, and study the evolution of the English language. Furthermore, the programme provides access to Oxford’s renowned English Faculty, tutorial-based learning, and extensive library resources. It’s also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of English literature, from its historical roots to its contemporary expressions.

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UCAS CodeQ300
Minimum Entrance Requirements A-levels – AAA
Advanced Highers – AA/AAB
IB –    38 (including core points) with 666 at HL       
Admission Test for English Language and Literature at OxfordELAT (English Literature Admissions Test)
Test date: 19 October 2023
Registration date: 29 September 2023                                    
Subject Requirements for English Language and Literature at OxfordEnglish Literature or English Language and Literature are Essential 
A language and History would also be helpful.
Extras things admission tutors look forWritten Work: One piece (2000 words)
An analytical discussion of a topic or topics in the field of English literature or any English language topic.
Submission deadline: 10 November 2023
Duration3 Years (BA)
Admissions StatisticsInterviewed: 67%
Successful: 25%
What is English Language & Literatureat Oxford?The English Language and Literature course at Oxford University offers students a broad exploration of English writing from its origins to modern times.
You will also gain advanced reading skills, learn to analyse literary texts critically, study diverse forms and techniques, and track the evolution of the English language. 

The programme also provides a range of choices in core papers, dissertation topics, and special options. This will enable you to tailor your studies to your interests. 
With access to Oxford’s renowned English Faculty, personalised tutorials, and extensive library resources, this course also provides a comprehensive and immersive experience. Not only will you understand but you’ll be able to interpret English literature across historical and contemporary dimensions.
What Colleges offer English Language & Literature at Oxford?Balliol College, Brasenose College, Christ Church, Corpus Christi College, Exeter College, Harris Manchester College, Hertford College, Jesus College, Keble College, Lady Margaret Hall, Lincoln College, Magdalen College, Mansfield College, Merton College, New College, Oriel College, Pembroke College, The Queen’s College, Regent’s Park College, St Anne’s College, St Catherine’s College, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda’s College, St Hugh’s College, St John’s College, St Peter’s College, Somerville College, Trinity College, University College, Wadham College, Worcester College
Structure of the English Language and Literature Course at OxfordYear 1 
Four papers are taken:
Introduction to English language and literature
Early medieval literature, 650–1350
Literature in English, 1830–1910
Literature in English, 1910–present day
Three written papers & a portfolio of two essays are also submitted for Introduction to English Language and Literature.
Year 2
Course I: Literature in English, 1350–1550
Literature in English, 1550–1660
Literature in English, 1660–1760
Literature in English, 1760–1830
Course II: Literature in English, 650–1100
Medieval English and related literatures 1066–1550
Literature in English, 1350–1550
The history of the English language to c1800
Year 3
Course I: Shakespeare (may also be studied in Year 2)
Course II: The material text or Shakespeare (choice of option)
Both courses: Special options paper, Dissertation
Common Careers after English Language and Literature at OxfordGraduates of English Language and Literature at Oxford secure opportunities in 
Law, Advertising, Acting, Publishing, Politics, Teaching, Librarianship, Public Relations, Journalism, Writing, Further Research, Management Consultancy, Finance.
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