Oxford Archaeology and Anthropology: Overview and Entrance Requirements

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The Archaeology & Anthropology course at Oxford University is a prestigious programme that delves into human history, culture, and evolution. This interdisciplinary course combines archaeology and social anthropology. This also provides students with a deep understanding of human societies and their development. 

Both subjects employ sophisticated approaches shared with the arts, social sciences, and physical sciences. Furthermore, Oxford University’s unique amalgamation of archaeology and anthropology provides an exceptionally comprehensive outlook on human societies. The course covers early prehistory to the present day. 

Students explore topics ranging from human origins, cultural experiences across different times and spaces to modern societies. As a result, they gain skills in critical thinking, research, and communication. With Oxford’s academic reputation and resources, graduates are well-equipped for careers in academia, heritage conservation, museum curation, and more. 

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Minimum Entrance Requirements A-levels – AAA
Advanced Highers – AA / AAB
IB – 38 (including core points) with 666 at HL   
Admission Test for Archaeology & Anthropology at OxfordNone. 
Subject Requirements – Archaeology & Anthropology at OxfordA combination of arts and science subjects can be helpful to students in completing the course.
Extras things admission tutors look forAs part of your application, the university asks that you submit two recently-marked essays. You must write each essay as part of a school or college course. You must also write these within a two-week period or less and preferably in different subjects.
You have the option of submitting an additional piece of work composed over a longer period of time if you so wish. A short essay of no more than 500 words in response to the following question: ‘What can we learn about people, either past or present, from their material culture?’
Application deadline: 10 November 2023
Application/Interest: Demonstrate an ability to think independently. Tutors will also be looking for the potential and motivation for studying archaeology and anthropology. 
Fieldwork: While you don’t have experience studying either of the subjects, fieldwork experience and evidence of supplementary reading would be considered.
Reasoning Ability: Analyse and assimilate significant quantities of data and construct evidence-based arguments.
Duration3 years (BA)
Admissions StatisticsInterviewed: 65%
Successful: 19%
What is Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford?The fields of archaeology and anthropology collectively encompass the study of humanity, spanning from the origins of our species to the contemporary era.

Both subjects also employ sophisticated approaches shared with the arts, social sciences, and physical sciences.
Oxford Colleges that offer Archaeology and Anthropology Harris Manchester College, Hertford College, Keble College, St Hugh’s College, St John’s College, St Peter’s College
Structure of the Archaeology and Anthropology Course at OxfordYear 1 
Students will spend around six hours a week in lectures, which focus on the course’s core papers. Four core courses: Introduction to world archaeology; Introduction to anthropological theory; Perspectives on human evolution; The nature of archaeological and anthropological enquiry; Practical classes. There is also an element of fieldwork.
Year 2 & 3
Lectures for core and optional papers take up around ten hours a week.
Five core courses: Social analysis and interpretation; Cultural representations, beliefs and practices; Landscape and ecology; Urbanism and society
There is also a course on fieldwork and methods.
Options (three from a broad range of anthropological and archaeological courses, one normally taken in Year 2, two taken in Year 3)
Students are also required to take practical classes and write a dissertation.
Throughout the course, there are one or two tutorials a week, (typically a total of twelve in each term).
Common Careers after Archaeology and Anthropology at OxfordGraduates of Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford secure opportunities in:
Heritage management, International development, Education, The Law, The Media, The Civil Service
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