Cambridge Management Studies Tripos and Application Process

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Considering applying for the Cambridge Management Studies Tripos but need clarification on what it involves and how to apply? Do not worry! This article contains everything you need to assess whether the course is right for you and the application process.

Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge
Many candidates are unsure about the application process of Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge, but this article is here to help!

What is the Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge?

The Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge is a unique type of course at Cambridge. You cannot apply to it through UCAS after secondary school. It is a one-year course you can transfer into after studying a different course at Cambridge for two/three years.

Management studies Cambridge
The course is designed to give students practical and theoretical experience in Management

According to the University of Cambridge, the course focuses on building the fundamentals of management and areas of management practice. It also gives practical experience in a real-life context.

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How do I apply for the Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge?

The application process works a little differently compared to other Cambridge courses (where admissions tutors invite candidates to an interview to discuss their motivations for joining).

Instead, focus is placed on candidates’ academic records and college tutor references.

According to the Cambridge Judge Business School, most candidates apply after completing two or three years of another Tripos. It is not possible to apply immediately after starting your Cambridge degree. Nor is it possible to transfer from another university.

The first point of application for the Management Studies Tripos is your College Tutorial Office. This is where you should raise your interest in joining the programme. Tutors may ask you to attend informal meetings before they decide to endorse your application.

Entry to the Management Studies Tripos is often very competitive. The main entry criteria focuses on past academic achievements in your first 2-3 years of study. There are around 50-70 places for hundreds of applications, making admissions competitive. 

The minimum entry requirement is at least 67%. Entry requirements for second years may be slightly higher than that of third years.

In addition to your academic performance, assessment will include the comments of college tutors. 

Furthermore, whilst having a background in mathematics is not expected (such as mathematics modules in your degree or Maths A-Level), it is recommended that candidates prepare by studying mathematics.

What is covered in the Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge?

Core courses on the Management Studies Tripos include:

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics of Firms and Markets
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Operations Management 
  • Marketing

Examinations for these papers can vary. Some courses assess performance in two three-hour papers, while others evaluate in a single take-home week-long coursework assignment.
Teaching is delivered in a very similar style to other undergraduate degrees at Cambridge – focusing on weekly tutorials, supervisions and seminars.

What is the Management Studies Faculty like?

The Judge Business School is a great place to meet a wide range of people! Students come from various countries with different experiences and academic disciplines; from undergrads, to MPhils and MBAs, meaning there is always a diverse mix of people around!
We have access to a library, which is very useful, and lots of additional help with schemes such as interview preparation sessions or CV building workshops.
We always have access to the Judge cafe, which is cheap (for Cambridge standards) and sells tasty sandwiches.
The building is also fairly central, meaning it is relatively easy to walk to from your college or your accommodation.

Student experiences of Management Studies at Cambridge

Tom, Selwyn College, 4th year: I found Management Studies very special as it covered a broad range of topics. I met people from various degree disciplines in Cambridge.

One of my favourite aspects has been the “negotiations workshop”. We had four of these session in second term and sessions run by by a tutor who holds a Guinness World Record and spent a year studying with army surgeons in Afghanistan.

We have regular supervisions and essays, typically 1500-2000 words in length and cover 5-10 questions of recent lecture material. In supervision, we meet with 2-4 other students for a couple of hours a week to discuss our work and any areas of difficulty.

I really enjoyed the consulting project in Easter Term, which allowed me to put all the skills I learnt into practice by working with a real company!

Anna, Churchill College, 3rd year: I studied languages in my first two-years at Cambridge, but I always knew I wanted to pursue a management-related career.

The Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge has been a brilliant experience for this! We have access to world-renowned tutors who are always very friendly; it is great to solidify our learning with regular supervisions.

It has also been great having the opportunity to meet new people that I would not have previously met! Because the course attracts people from various disciplines, it has been great to make new friends from a mix of different backgrounds!

The course itself has been very interesting – from learning the theory in modules such as Business Innovation to Corporate Governance, to applying this theory into practice in a consulting project – having the opportunity to gain practical experience with a real client!

I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn more about Management Studies, or anyone considering a career in this realm in the future.

If you want to know more about the Management Studies Tripos at Cambridge, refer to the official website here.

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