Oxford TSA 2024: Registration, Dates and Booking

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If you’re applying to certain courses at Oxford, you’ll need to take the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment). You’ll also need to know the TSA test dates 2024 and how to register in order to know when to start your TSA preparation. Finally, you need to be aware of which sections of the Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford require you to take.

TSA registration

Do I need to take the TSA?

When taking the TSA, applicants for any of these subjects have to sit both TSA Section 1 and TSA Section 2:

  • Experimental Psychology
  • Geography
  • Human Sciences
  • Philosophy and Linguistics
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
  • Psychology and Linguistics
  • Psychology and Philosophy

Applicants to Oxford for these subjects will have to sit TSA Section 1 only:

  • Economics and Management
  • History and Economics
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When Is TSA 2024?

how to register for TSA
Make sure you keep on top of the key TSA test dates in 2024 theres no late entry allowance and no resits

Registration dates for the TSA 2024 are not available yet. It is likely though that you’ll have to register by the end of September and sit the test at the start of November. 

If any deadlines fall on a public or national holiday, there will not be an extension for this. So be sure to register in plenty of time!

Check out the CAAT website for up-to-date details of the TSA test date, which are likely to be published in March 2024.

How do I register for the TSA?

You’ll need to register with a test centre authorised to administer Admissions Testing tests. For most candidates, this will likely be your school or college. Check with your Exams Officer to see if this is the case, and how to register. If your school is not an authorised test centre, they can check if they are eligible to apply to become one. The deadline for an application to become a test centre is mid-September. If you need to take the TSA make sure you speak to your Exams Officer well in advance of the deadline to ensure you can register on time. 

If your school or college is not a test centre, you must register with one near you. However, there are test centres worldwide: Admission Testing can help you find one nearest you, and then you can register there. Although the TSA is free, individual test centres may charge to cover invigilation or other costs. 

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    Can I reschedule my TSA test date 2024?

    No. There is only one test sitting for each application cycle. If you had a problem on the day of the test that would have affected your performance (e.g illness or injury), you can apply for special consideration.

    TSA test dates

    Can I cancel my TSA registration?

    If you cancel your TSA it is very unlikely your course will consider you this application cycle. Secondly, you can withdraw your UCAS application and not sit the TSA. Also, speak to your test centre about what to do if you are considering this, as if you have paid any fees it is up to them whether you get a refund. 

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    If I have a disability or special requirement, can I apply for Access Arrangements?

    Yes. If you need a modification to the paper, the deadline to apply for this is likely to be mid September 2024. Moreover, if you have any other access arrangements, the deadline to apply fit likely to be end of September 2024. You should inform your test centre of your requirements when you register. They’ll ask you for full details of your disability or special requirement and medical evidence. Then, they’ll submit the Access Arrangement request. Make sure you do this in good time as these deadlines are for your centre. 

    It is advisable to start preparation at least two months in advance of the test day. As such our TSA Online Course and TSA Past Papers are a perfect way to kick start your TSA prep! You can also check out our other articles such as more information on the TSA, Oxford TSA tips and ‘What is a Good TSA Score?’ for more information.


    → When can I register for the TSA 2024?

    Registration for the TSA 2024 will typically open in the summer of 2024, with specific dates varying depending on the institution. Students are advised to check with their chosen universities for exact registration dates and deadlines.

    → How do I register for the TSA 2024?

    To register for the TSA 2024, students must first apply to the relevant university and course. Once they have received confirmation of their application, they can register for the TSA via the university’s admissions portal. Students will typically be asked to provide their personal details, payment information, and preferred test date and location.

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